Tensions ran high at yesterday’s ‘Bad Blood’ press conference ahead of the Danish mega-fight between Patrick Nielsen (27-1, 13 KOs) and Rudy Markussen (39-3, 26 KOs) on December 12 at the Brondby Hallen in Copenhagen.


With a date and venue confirmed for their highly anticipated grudge match, the bitter rivals wasted no time renewing hostilities, exchanging insults before having to be pulled apart during the customary face-to-face photographs.


‘’I can’t wait to for this fight,’’ said Nielsen, the current WBA International Super Middleweight Champion. ‘’It’s no secret we don’t like each other. He is trying to take what is mine and for that he must pay. I’m younger, faster, stronger and hungrier. There is no way I can lose. The guy is a has-been. He had his shot and he quit on his knee. I’ll beat him worse than Magee and send him back into retirement.’’


‘’This is the first time I’ve fought an opponent I genuinely don’t like,’’ revealed Markussen, the former European Champion. ‘’I really have to struggle to control myself and act like an adult when he’s around. The boy needs a kick in the ass, and that’s what he will get on December 12.’’


A moment of light relief came when a fan dressed as a chicken stormed the press conference and declared his support for Markussen in a throw back to Nielsen’s earlier claims that former World title challenger was afraid to face him. ‘’Rudy you are inspiration for all the chickens in Denmark,’’ exclaimed the chicken, before being ejected by security.


With this unwelcome distraction removed, talk returned to the upcoming bout with promoters Kalle and Nisse Sauerland expressing their delight at making this dream match a reality.


‘’Something like this has not happen in Denmark for a long time,’’ said Kalle Sauerland. ‘’We’re proud to present the fans with the fight they have been asking for. Boxing has a rich history of grudges matches like this. There’s always an added spice when two fighters genuinely dislike each other, and that’s certainly the case with Patrick and Rudy.’’


‘’This fight has captured the nation’s imagination,’’ said Nisse Sauerland. ‘’We have two of the countries best fighters going head-to-head in a local derby. This is the type of fight that only happens once in a generation The fans are in for a real treat!’’


The promoters also revealed that an additional allocation of 500 tickets has been made available for the sold out event. ‘’The response we received for tickets has been huge,’’ said Kalle Sauerland. ‘’We sold 50% of the tickets in the first 24 hours and reached full capacity last week. Thankfully, we have been able to make some changes to our production and have released another 500 tickets.’’


These additional tickets are on sale now and available online via billetlugen.dk or by calling (+45) 75 263 267. The fight will be shown live and exclusive on Pay-Per-View in Denmark. For more information on how to order please visit www.boksekampen.dk.