Boxing mania has hit Denmark following the announcement of the domestic mega-fight between Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen on December 12 at the Brondby Hallen in Copenhagen.


‘'The first press conference has not even taken place and already the Brondby Hallen is nearing a sell out,’’ reveals promoter Nisse Sauerland. ‘’The reaction has been absolutely huge. The sales are on par if not faster than the Kessler events we’ve done in Denmark.


‘'Half the tickets were sold in the first 48 hours and we are now looking at ways to increase the capacity. The fight has certainly captured the public’s imagination and this is definitely the biggest domestic fight in Denmark in many, many years. Add to that the extreme hatred between the two camps and the fact the loser really has everything to lose and the winner everything to gain, and we are guaranteed a massive night of boxing on December 12.’’


In the meantime the promoter has one big concern and appeals to both camps to remain calm and focused. ‘’The hatred between the two fighters is real but it is important that they behave in a professional manner before the fight,’’ said Sauerland. ‘’We’ve already seen masked Nielsen fans putting up signs around the city, but now, the fighters should save their aggression for the ring. We will make sure there is a strong security presence between the two boxers when they come face-to-face at our kick-off press conference.’’


More details regarding the blockbuster event including undercard details and fight week activities will be given at a press conference in Copenhagen in a fortnights time when both boxers will come face-to-face for the first time since the fight was announced.


Limited tickets are available online via or by calling (+45) 75 263 267. The fight will be shown live and exclusive on Pay-Per-View in Denmark on Viasat and Viaplay.  More information on how to access the fight will be released shortly.