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The Official - I WILL KILL it in the GYM TODAY - MOTIVATION

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    Killed it today, feel great!

    1st work out
    5 x 3:00 shadow boxing rounds
    4 x 4:00 heavy bag rounds
    10 minutes on the double end bag
    10 minutes on the speed bag
    18 minute ab ripper video work out (P90X)
    40 burpees

    2nd work out
    3 x 3:00 shadow boxing rounds with ankle weights and small hand weights
    20 minutes jump roping with ankle weights
    5 mile jog
    1 mile eliptical machine
    100 push ups
    40 pull ups
    messed around with some weights before I left the gym, nothing serious, think I'll do some strength training and sprints tomorrow.

    Gonna treat myself to some grilled chicken, tater tots, and brown rice! YYEEAAHHHHH!!


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      Originally posted by THE REED™ View Post
      Plan on murdering it tonight.

      Every other week I lift for reps and then lift heavy.... Doing heavy tonight.

      MY Bench last week I did 225 for 11,10, and 9 last week.

      Today I will be doing 5 sets of 5 of 250lbs... Once I can do all 5 sets I move up 5lbs the next week and so and so forth.

      Chest and back today!
      Go kill it bro!


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        Climbed 3 trails at redrock today.


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          I got all 5 sets of 5 at 250lbs.

          IN two weeks I move to 5 sets of 5 @ 255lbs.

          Next week will be high reps again 225 for as many as I can, really shooting for my first to be 12.


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              “FIGHT GONE BAD”
              6 Stations, each station is a 1 min AMRAP, you go through the 6 stations for 3 rounds, there is only one scheduled rest station.
              Station One – Wall Ball (20/15)
              Station Two – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)
              Station Three – Box Jumps (20/20)
              Station Four – Push Press (75/55)
              Station Five – Rowing (calories)
              Station Six – 1 min rest
              30 minutes on the heavy bag.


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                Today is my speed and combination day....but it's so hot outside....but can't be a *****!

                3x3:00 shadowbox with ankle weights and hand weights
                10 minute jump rope
                3x3:00 speedbag
                10 minute jump rope
                3x3:00 combinations on heavy bag
                3x3:00 sparring
                close it out with jump rope as long as i can, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 50 burpees.

                gonna kill the ***** today!


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                  my work just now was un-godly, lord forgive me what i do unto these other dudes.

                  my wind is back, putos.


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                    alright, alright.

                    4, 7 minute miles followed by a 2 min break. alternate between weighted sit-ups and leg extensions, 3 sets of 15 reps. 1 min break, alternate between 5 min sessions of rope, and shoulder extensions, same sets/ reps. i'm going hard with the g'damn weight's too, you little fairies. 1 min break, weighted calf raises and rows-by this time its so god-damn serious i've sent about two soft dudes out of the fukn gym, they must've been mexican. finished off with 3 more sets of jump rope and bench and you've got yourself one serious fuking alpha male.

                    douche level, master. i fuking rock.


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                      15 min rounds

                      Today, ran 2 miles, shadowboxed 2 3 min rounds and did a 3 min round on the heavy bag.

                      Then my trainer tells me to gear up, he has a surprise for me.

                      He turns the round timer away from me and sets it.

                      About 5 minutes in I corner him, hold him, and ask him how the F long is this round.

                      He laughs.

                      It was 15 mins.

                      We did two, with a minute rest.

                      Non-stop action up the the last 5 mins when I tried to hold him as much as possible:blow:

                      I feel like a champ!