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The Official - I WILL KILL it in the GYM TODAY - MOTIVATION

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  • Originally posted by anonymous2.0 View Post
    Lucky, most gym equipment is either marked up 300%+ or simply out of stock for months.
    It took a LOT of shopping around. I did get lucky though, as I think some people lagged on getting their own equipment, thinking the pandemic would end soon. I thought past the pandemic, realizing that my gym was full of nasty people that I didn't relish being around anyway. Also, dropping nearly a yard every month for my son & I was looking to be less and less worth it, as services and quality declined.


    • Originally posted by a.rihn View Post
      I'm changing up my lifting routine, swapping out some exercises for others in order to work the muscles differently. For instance, adding in reverse barbell curls for my forearms and rack pulls for back and traps.

      So I'm asking for advice - what are some slightly unusual or lesser known exercises that you've had success with? How do you switch up your lifts?
      Do everything on a Bosu ball.
      Use a yoga ball instead of a bench when possible.
      Kettle bells allow you to lift at a much different angle.
      Most exercises can also be done at different angles.
      Don't forget the burner sets (less weight) at the end of an excerise to completely empty the tank.


      • Upper back and neck day. 2155 start time. It is my Friday with a four day weekend after this. It's going to be a long night. The gym is about -4 Celsius right now. Kids are in bed but nowhere near sleeping and the wife is watching some ****ty TV show and crocheting. I am super pissed off with life because our world is falling apart and society is in a freefall.

        "Train like the lives of your children depend on it;
        they do."

        It's go time!


        • worked my legs today; shoulders and core tomorrow unless i just decide to do cardio to tax the legs more.