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Comments Thread For: Wallin: Most People Still Know Me For Giving Fury A Tough Fight, Time To Change That

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    Wallin wins this fight I will take him seriously. He looks ok but lost almost every round to Fury even with the cut. He did stop Kauffman but it was due to injury. Kauffman retired after the fight so how much can you take out of that fight? He went the distance with Granat who Dimitrenko KOd in one round... Wallin has not proven anything to me...


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      Yep, time to show us that effort vs Fury can be sustained.

      Meanwhile, Breazele has gotten the most of out himself really - big guy, not a lot of quickness but he sticks to it as best he can, I respect him. I just think he has taken his fair share of big punches even prior to Wilder; he is one of those guys when he gets hit, it hurts me...I don;'t know if it's the way he braces himself or what but he takes them flush and just hopes for the best... anway, coming off that kind of loss and inactivity, probably not ideal. He has shown he can come back in a fight though.. seems like some are thinking he might get the KO win if he just sticks around long enough...I can see that.
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