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Comments Thread For: Campbell Disgusted With Scorecards in Garcia Bout: 'Bloody Hell, It Was Probably Lose-Lose For Me'

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    Luke Campbell HIMSELF said he needed a knockout as he did not think the judges would give him a decision, he was right.
    It is moot point though as he got knocked out.


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      I thought Campbell lost every round except 2nd round. I’m not sure if he is looking for effort points? In rounds where he did better than just being a heavy bag for Garcia, he wanted those rounds? You don’t get points for blocking and throwing nothing of substance. Ask Joshua Clottey when he fought Pacquiao. Maybe since he blocked everything he should have won more rounds than the 120-108 most had?

      My scorecard was:

      1. Garcia
      2. Campbell
      3. Garcia
      4. Garcia
      5. Garcia
      6. Garcia
      7. Garcia

      And I like Campbell. Really wouldn’t mind giving him rounds he deserved. He was outworked in every round though. Hell even the round where he got the KD, Garcia was the busier fighter. Garcia was just the busier fighter, plain and simple. And he was throwing the better power shots and coming forward. Judges want to see that. Campbell had a nice jab, he was clearly the better “boxer”. But you can’t win rounds with just boxing and jabbing. You have to throw and land punches with substance. Why fighters keep fighting like this (just jabbing and chillin) and expecting to get favorable scorecards is beyond me.


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        I was rooting for Campbell, a fellow Brit and Garcia is a bit of a tit. But I only gave Campbell the 2nd round. He was competitive and scoring and in the fight but Garcia just seemed to me to be doing enough to take the rounds.

        You can lose a fight 120-108 and it don't always mean you have had a schooling. You score them one at a time and you could scrape your way to just about winning every round and still win by a 12 pt margin.


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          Most had Campbell only winning one round, but his biggest beef should be at the judge scoring round 2 10-9 instead of 10-8. I'm sorry, but Garcia was not dominant before or after the knockdown to make it a 10-9 round.

          I think I gave Campbell two rounds, but did not have a problem with folks giving him only the 2nd.

          Either way, Campbell admitted that Garcia was coming on and getting stronger. Only one way this fight was going to end.


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            It was a very good fight, but I only gave the 2nd round for Campbell, 10-8 of course


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              Originally posted by GBP4LIFE View Post
              This euro trash is never ending..

              You got KTFO.. STFU geez.

              You MAY have won 2 rounds MAX.. STFU & slither away with your slimebag “promoter”
              Shut up moron.
              Obviously a ****ing seppo.
              Stay where you are with no passport and a narrow mind to go with it.
              Luke got beaten fair and square in the ring but won more than two rounds ,cards were biased and so was the commentary from the slime bags on DAZN.


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                All this is after box. Who's next? I was for Campbell, but all he did was show Ryan's defensive weakness. He landed flush and clean as he could, but Ryan got up. Once was a time, when Luke sent them down, they stayed down. Ryan ate Luke's lunch, we can argue about the score cards another time.


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                  lol between this fight and Lopez-Loma, if you're over the age of 30 against a 20 something year old, good luck on those cards. They're filled out before the fight even begins.

                  They're making it so the only shot the 30+ yr old has is to win by KO only. Not very respectful.


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                    That 10-9 for Campbell with the knockdown in the second round is definitely a red flag. Garcia was mostly hitting gloves early in the fight and wasn't really dominant enough to get a 10-9 after he got dropped. Typical boxing.


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                      The American boxing apparatus will ALWAYS favour the Mexican or Mexican-American popular fighter. You have to knock them out to now this should be no surprise to euro fighters