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Comments Thread For: Campbell Disgusted With Scorecards in Garcia Bout: 'Bloody Hell, It Was Probably Lose-Lose For Me'

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    Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
    I thought Campbell lost every round except 2nd round. I’m not sure if he is looking for effort points? In rounds where he did better than just being a heavy bag for Garcia, he wanted those rounds? You don’t get points for blocking and throwing nothing of substance. Ask Joshua Clottey when he fought Pacquiao. Maybe since he blocked everything he should have won more rounds than the 120-108 most had?

    My scorecard was:

    1. Garcia
    2. Campbell
    3. Garcia
    4. Garcia
    5. Garcia
    6. Garcia
    7. Garcia

    And I like Campbell. Really wouldn’t mind giving him rounds he deserved. He was outworked in every round though. Hell even the round where he got the KD, Garcia was the busier fighter. Garcia was just the busier fighter, plain and simple. And he was throwing the better power shots and coming forward. Judges want to see that. Campbell had a nice jab, he was clearly the better “boxer”. But you can’t win rounds with just boxing and jabbing. You have to throw and land punches with substance. Why fighters keep fighting like this (just jabbing and chillin) and expecting to get favorable scorecards is beyond me.
    Green K for this comment. Many of the posters using emotion and a lack of logical thought process may not make it past your first two sentences. However from me you are spot on. It was a very close contested fight in almost each round. I agree if Luke had fought a couple of those rounds on his front foot there would have been rounds to give him.

    The scores are in no way indicative of a blowout or a robbery. Anyone who objectively watched the fight would say the same thing. I like both boxers as both are skilled. One has to be given a 10 and another a 9 even in the most contested of rounds.

    Good post


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      "For some reason, Danseco only gave Campbell a 10-9 advantage for round two, the round in which Campbell scored the knockdown"

      Lmao. Jfc


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        Originally posted by HrNY View Post
        If these euro guys keep feeling they're getting robbed by Americans/Mexicans, why do they continue to box?

        Because if they don’t come to America, they are accused of ducking.
        Meanwhile, great American boxers (Roy Jones and even Floyd) refused to go fight overseas because they were afraid of getting robbed.

        It’s pretty much the same on both side except that it’s worse for foreigners when they come to the US (Felix Sturm from Germany got robbed against Oscar so did Erislandy Lara from Cuba against Paul Williams so did Lennox Lewis against Holyfield).

        But to answer your question, they come to test themselves and put their trust in our guys).


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          The Euro met a real fighter in the Americas & got dealt an ass whippin enough said


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            Woah hang on a sec who was that fool that gave Campbell only 10-9 after scoring a knockdown that is a DISGRACE. Also what's with people throwing this 'bum' s*** around again this dude was an Olympic gold medalist who only lost decisions to Linares, Lomachenko and another fighter he made good in the rematch i mean come on.


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              Campbell you idiot. Your name should be Dumbell. How come you will complain of scorecard after getting KOed??? After all you didnt try to win idiot. You knockdown the other guy and just watch him recover. For all the gold medalist you are the most idiot and an embarassment of british boxing. Just admit its a fixed man...


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                Originally posted by HrNY View Post
                If these euro guys keep feeling they're getting robbed by Americans/Mexicans, why do they continue to box?
                His name should be "Dumbell". He is dumb ass. Probably the most dumb of all gold medalist...


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                  This is the way of the world, the way things have to be. Campbell went as far as he could, lost some and finally got stopped. Skills don't always beat raw talent, old skills and young talent especially. Asi tiene que ser.


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                    For one he was actually losing the fight on points, secondly the fight was not in the UK so you cannot expect to land 4 shots and win the around against the home fighter, who is landing more than you. The issue here is some automatically think knocking you down once or twice meant you win 4 rounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Like those Wilder dumbos who try to justify his draw against Fury in their first fight.


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                      Campbell is right. One of judges scored the round where Campbell knocked down Garcia 10-9 for Campbell. Also Campbell clearly won the 4th round. Typical Oscar judges.