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Comments Thread For: Campbell Disgusted With Scorecards in Garcia Bout: 'Bloody Hell, It Was Probably Lose-Lose For Me'

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    Unfortunately this is what happens when you fight the US hypejob in the US.


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      I feel Campbell did exceptionally well . landed a few good shots on Ryan . took it to him .


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        Originally posted by Oregonian View Post

        Because if they dont come to America, they are accused of ducking.
        Meanwhile, great American boxers (Roy Jones and even Floyd) refused to go fight overseas because they were afraid of getting robbed.

        Its pretty much the same on both side except that its worse for foreigners when they come to the US (Felix Sturm from Germany got robbed against Oscar so did Erislandy Lara from Cuba against Paul Williams so did Lennox Lewis against Holyfield).

        But to answer your question, they come to test themselves and put their trust in our guys).
        Yup, much respect to them. Floyd, Ward, not so much respect


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          Originally posted by thekenneth View Post
          Yeah with one guy here not even sure if he won the 2nd it's hard to take people serious. But I'll bite.
          I saw Campbell countering shot to the body and blocking to noncredit.

          Garcia came on and threw explosive combos most that didn't land then Campbell would pary and land.
          I have no issue with people having Garcia up but I felt it was pretty damn close fight not the blow out people seem to see
          Yeah, you and me both. I thought the fight was 4-2 or 3-3 after 6 rounds and figured one of them was up a point. I saw good defense and crisp punches (including some nice body shots) by Luke. I wasn't ringside to see and feel the shots being thrown but I was listening to the effusive praise being heaped on Garcia by the DAZN commentators.

          It's all moot now...


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            Its not something that is a surprise though is it? It's not even the worst example we've seen of preferential scoring. Luckily, Garcia landed a gem of a body shot that took it out of the hands of the judges...

            Yes the rounds were close but it always seems the "A-side" always gets the benefit of close rounds. The house fighter who is the darling of the promotion somehow manages to only lose a round 10-9 in a round he was dropped.

            We've seen it time and again in fights. The A-side gets the benefit of the doubt, if there is bungling and incompetence it always seems to favor him.

            It's not Garcia's fault or any of the others that benefit from it, it's just a symptom of the unregulated shadiness of the sport where the sanctioning bodies and regulatory athletic commissions are corrupt and incompetent.


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              Garcia fanboys don't want to talk about it...
              But the deck was already stacked in Ryan's favour.
              Same as it was stacked against Loma vs Lopez.

              A lot of hidden forces operating in boxing business.


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                This is a mute point, he got knocked out by a body shot


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                  Please explain how the deck was stacked against Loma; ESPN and Top Rank's cash cow? The new Willie Pep, Better than Ali and Ray Leonard with a Mean Streak, the Sultan of Swat, the Colossus of Clout...