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Comments Thread For: Lopez: Lomachenko's Statements Just Show What Kind Of Person He Really Is

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    Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
    The problem with Lomachenko's comments is that he is essentially blaming Bob Arum. He is kind of insinuating that Arum bribed the judges. He is also accusing three top judges of an unsubstantiated crime, which is slander. Especially when most fans and observers/journalists agree that he lost the fight.

    Many fighters, many times, claim to be robbed, or disagree with the judges all the time. It's normal. But straight up accusing the judges of being bribed, that's very specific. That's going beyond claiming a robbery.

    I think he needs to choose his words and accusations more wisely. This is a guy who skipped the line and got back to back titles shots in his 2nd and 3rd fights thanks to Bob Arum.

    Everybodies innocent until proven guilty but if Bob's history is as such than it makes you wonder. Also doesnt help that his best buddy is Don King. Besides Lomachenkos not the only fighter to insinuate the same, remember Pacquaios comments after "losing" to Horn? Maybe nobody got paid, but when you look at the facts their was definitely CORRUPTION going and It alot to do with the spirit in the air. Compubox lied about the total punchstats which were really Loma: 231/345 (67%) to Lopez: 150/558 (27%), they criminally deflated Loma and increased Lopezs numbers to make it look as if Lopez did more and Loma did less. Everybody took this fight too personal in doing so drew these PROUD parallels between Lopez and themselves. "Lopez the young bull, the underdog, the mexican, the bigger guy, out with the old in with the new. Yeah that's us!" So Loma became the "bad guy" so this spirit caused the EXTREME biased and hate. Lomachenko IS NOT GUILTY for believing what he believes because in all actuality it is true. All true accept for having valid proof of judges being paid.