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  • Comments Thread For: Lopez: Lomachenko's Statements Just Show What Kind Of Person He Really Is

    SAN ANTONIO Teofimo Lopez laughed when he was jokingly asked why he squandered so much of his purse to bribe the judges before his career-defining fight versus Vasiliy Lomachenko.
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    Obviously, judges are bought and paid for all the time in this sport. No one really believes that all these ridiculous scorecards turned in are simply incompetence. But Teo was the obvious winner in that fight, and Loma needs to man up and admit he lost to a better man. Lederman's score was a disgrace though.


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      It was a close fight but Lopez won. Would Haney or Davis beat Loma? I'm not totally sure, but those would be good fights, besides of course them against Lopez.


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        The scores were BS, but the right man won (had it 115-113).


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          pretty much loma-trump-ko.


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            Loma isn't the first person to disagree with the judges and he's not the first person to claim corruption in boxing. If he really feels he's the better fighter he should try to work his way into a mandatory position and force Lopez to rematch him or duck him.


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              Ohhhh....are we just now finding out that Lomachenko is a low class individual? Geez Louise....what a shocker. He lied about taking a purse cut for Lopez....he IMMEDIATELY went to the injured "arm" excuse....and now he's spatting off about briberies and robberies.....get him the F OUTTA here.....Haney outboxes him to death and the Gervonta Davis fight would be similar to the Lopez fight because he would be scared of davis's power early on. I'm convinced Gervonta has a slight power advantage over that Loma/Davis fight may turn out even worse for Loma.


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                Think about this: for Loma to win the fight the way the cards played out, he had to get 4 more rounds on Steve Weisfeld's card. And Julie Lederman thought Loma won a single round! How could you give Loma only a single round in that fight and not be biased?

                Personally I think it should have been a draw, and 115-113 is a score I wouldn't argue with. But why should we give judges a pass just because 'the right man won'? The way the scorecards went, Loma needed 4 more consensus rounds to win a decision! Essentially the only way Loma was ever going to win this fight was by KO or outright domination. And when Loma brings that up, we are supposed to call him a sore loser?
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                  Lomachenko was not scared of Lopez. The back half of the fight and his concession of taking a little less money to make it happen in a pandemic show that.

                  He did, however, fight one of the dumbest, most overconfident, unrealistic gameplans against a hungry young lion who was busier and fighting with urgency. Then, he acted like a spoiled child. I did not have it close. Lopez just actually fought to win from the opening bell and Lomachenko fought like he had already won the first 5 rounds during the introductions. That is on him.


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                    Giving up the first 6 rounds is a DUMB strategy. Who??...

                    Who advises Lomachenko to have such a very low IQ strategy?

                    If Loma fights 12 full rounds this might have a different outcome.
                    He has tremendous skill, but a very DUMB STRATEGY.

                    Lopez is also extremely good. If Loma will fight 12 rounds, we could have an excellent "fight of the year" second fight.