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  • Comments Thread For: Bob Arum: Andy Ruiz Has '******' Eddie Hearn By The Balls!

    Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum has taken a swipe at his promotional rival, Eddie Hearn, with respect to the ongoing drama related to last week's London press conference - where Hearn announced that the heavyweight rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua would take place on December 7th in Saudi Arabia.
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    Ruiz will get paid a lot of money or the venue has to be changed to UK.


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      The old school mfers know whats up. Give Andy his money & lets make the fight reallllllly official finally.


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        B sample Eddie is having as bad or worse a summer than anyone in Britain


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          Arum explains that Hearn, who promotes Joshua, made huge mistake by holding that presser before confirming that Ruiz was on board.

          “I think Eddie Hearn showed how ****** he is by making the announcement that the fight was in Saudi Arabia before he signed Ruiz to a contract. Now Ruiz has him by the balls," Arum explained to Villainfy.
          Everybody can see this except Hearn fanboys Matchroom FC.

          This was Hearn's ego or a way to get the fight stopped.

          Nothing about this announcement and the way he went about it makes any sense.

          If you're announcing it without notifying the other side and doing it based solely on the threat of a lawsuit then as soon as Ruiz says no you have to file suit. If you don't file suit and choose to go back to negotiations you're ****ed! The negotiations should've been done before announcing a date and location. What was Eddie thinking?


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            Originally posted by Jim Tom View Post
            Ruiz will get paid a lot of money or the venue has to be changed to UK.
            Not once that b sample comes back and its proven that the British board also allowed a fighter to fight after testing positive and not informing the opponent.


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              To be fair it was pretty ****** to have Joshua face a pbc fighter

              They will have lawyers flat out trying to weasel out of the rematch .....I bet thatís why the Ortiz wilder fight keeps getting pushed back . They are looking for a loophole to get out of the contract

              Its gonna end up in court


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                Hearn: We get to pick the location per rematch clause. The fight will be in Saudi Arabia

                Reporter: Have you spoken with Ruiz side?

                Hearn: No. Per the rematch clause we determine location and Ruiz has a flat fee of $9 mil. If he doesn't comply he will be sued

                Ruiz: I'm not fighting there

                Hearn: Well let's negotiate.

                ****** ****** ******. The only reasons I see for this is Eddie's ego or a way to stop the fight from happening and putting all the blame on Ruiz


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                  jesus christ, everything in boxing has to be a drama. Just fight. If Ruiz thinks he's such a badass just fight wherever.
                  Honor that damn contract and just move on.


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                    Eddie got paid already from the Saudi's, just to announce the Saudi venue for this fight. There's no real intentions to go there. Stick the fossil fuels up the Saudi's A**!!