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Comments Thread For: Wilder's KO Of Breazeale Peaked At 990K Viewers For Showtime

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  • Originally posted by Frankie2Jabs View Post
    Me? Backed in a corner? Iím P4P elite on DAZN mayne. You canít touch this! Dudididu didu didu! Canít touch this!
    Ok then. Congratulations.


    • Originally posted by CocoonOfHorror View Post
      Internet searches are a much better gauge of broad popularity/interest than viewership, especially on a premium cable network. Look at Google searches through Google Trends. As I documented above, Wilder this week is outperforming any boxer over the past four years in US searches. And he is at 12x what AJ has ever reached in the US.

      Wilder is NOT the biggest boxing star in the world. He is behind Canelo, AJ and Pacquiao. But he is trending up. He's must see TV and the general sports audience is catching on.
      Who cares about US searches? AJ is a world wide star making huge money on PPV and selling many tickets. None of those searches are turning into profit for Wilder where it counts.

      His tickets are 4 times the price as Wilder's in the US. AJ has already sold over 17,000 and counting. Wilder sold over 8,000 tickets.

      AJ will be happy his numbers are where it counts and not US searches on Google.


      • Originally posted by Ake-Dawg View Post
        They will say that whatever numbers are good for a fight at 9:01 with a replacement opponent, the NBA Finals going, and while Hearn chewed bubblegum.
        I know. You can expect that from the haters. They should be more concerned about Anthony Joshua, Matchroom and the future of DAZN. Eddie was given an 8 year $1B contract to provide boxing content on its platform with a two year minimum and a six year option. If Eddie doesn't make the Joshua vs Wilder fight soon; By the end September 2020, or increase subs or sign more American fighters then he is out at DAZN. He has a very small window remaining. DAZN is losing money.


        • Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post
          Wilder going to kill Showtime. They aren't going to continue to pay money like that. They'll be saying goodbye to boxing.
          I'd actually hope for them to do it until Espinosa gets the sack. Now that would be a joy to watch.

          But yeah, it's not going in a positive direction for them that's for sure. Good. f3ck 'em.


          • Originally posted by Pigeons View Post
            You keep worrying about the financials, I'll keep enjoying the knockouts.
            And i'll enjoy the AJ ones against better opposition while he gets paid money he actually generates.

            Tune in and see a bigger crowd than Wilder got in his own country. Should be a good one.


            • Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
              Sid-Knee I hope you read this quote. You need help, the six months ban you agreed too with Mexican Puppet will give you plenty of free time to get counseling and prescriptions.
              I'm reading my darling.

              I'm not the hater who is obsessed with us spewing lies, delusions and hopes all over the place like you. What I say is actually the truth. Something you know nothing about.



              • Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                Thank God that we finally we have the real sources published. Obviously, you can't believe some of these envious and jealous trolls with an open and vested interest in discrediting and undermining Deontay Wilder's success.

                You got a bunch of fake boxing fans who are launching this false propaganda campaign against the PBC in general and Deontay Wilder in particular.

                They want to see it fail so badly that it's hurting them so much inside that they want to cry. Eat your hearts out assholes
                Maybe one day someone will read back to you everything you write to let you know what a biased troll is. You do nothing but write propaganda and delusion.

                It's also not a case of wanting to see it fail. It's a case of it actually failing. We're just here to read the words of bitterness from all the shlt talkers who spread their crazy f3cked up madness.


                • Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                  The fight lasted only a round so naturally people quickly tune the fuck out. It's normal.

                  Now what's going to be the excuse when Anthony Joshua's American debut flops on DAZN on June 1st? What's the narrative going to be then?

                  He is not going add any new subs stateside to DAZN. They are clearly going to tune him the fuck out.

                  I just can't wait til the first of June comes around and also when October of 2020 rolls around and there is still no Joshua vs Wilder deal then Matchroom is out at DAZN Eddie needs to sign that fight soon.

                  He has a small window left and things are beginning to unravel for him
                  Go on, let those salty tears flow. They taste delicious from here.


                  • Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                    Yeah but that was worldwide and seen in over eight countries. Where all the new subs that Eddie was supposed to generate for DAZN? The number should be close to at least 20mil now. 1 mil on a sports platform is pathetic. Wilder nearly surpassed or matched that total in just in the U.S. Alone; Dumbass
                    Go read up on the story of Netflix to see how stupid this is.

                    I'm here to help you, man. Let me guide you. I'll lead you towards the light. I'm your salvation.


                    • Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post
                      Wow that is exactly the same LDBC speech from the Orti fight, "next time the numbers will be good", well maybe they will be but he's still a B side and those gate numbers at a 1/3 price are awful before we account for all the free tickets ...

                      You guys claim he has fought the best for 40 fights so how come no one is supporting him then .. one must be a lie.
                      Two first names? Must be a UK cupcake just like Joshua and Coke King Fury!

                      Donít worry your heroes will share the same fate as Breazeale when the fight the fans want starts to consume the casuals interest!