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Comments Thread For: De La Hoya: Jacobs Worries Me; 2nd-Best at 160 After Canelo

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    Originally posted by factsarenice View Post
    That is surly hate filled rant full of inaccuracies and fabrication but hey, it's a crazy free country
    What inaccuracies? Crazy country alright where fanbois call something bs but can't specify why its bs?


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      Some trolls here first said Canelo wouldn’t face Jacobs. Now that he is you’re back pedaling and claiming he’s no good. These people know no bottom


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        I agree with Oscar but he makes me feel that i'm lying to myself!


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          The only issue I have with this fight is I feel it will go the distance and then Canelo will win no matter what.


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            Great fight and well deserved. Give him hell Danny!


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              Jacobs Worries Me; 2nd-Best at 160 After Canelo

              hah !

              I bet that comment poured a truckload of sand in the collective ******'s of a certain fanbase


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                Originally posted by MPDKSAB View Post
                DLH says dumb shlt all the time he flips with the wind. I dont take what he says too serious. With that said I think firmly Demetrius Andrade is the best at 160. I think he beats them all.

                he will be next after Jacobs

                so, we will see


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                  And the build up of the fight begin

                  I know this is a good fight and we boxing fans wanted this fight, what I not understand is why they are bashing the fight now? I know Canelo is going to win this fight no matter what. That fucking Ginger know how to fight and is improving each fight. I only hope that Jacobs make this fight very competitive via clash of styles. Overall I am very excited this fight is a reality.


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                    Originally posted by Rock&Roll View Post
                    Congrats to Jacobs for getting the fight - even if only by signing a 3 fight deal. Congrats to Alvarez for taking on the challenge.

                    Now onto smack talking ODLH...

                    "He fought at 168 to crown himself a three-division world champion, which meant a lot to him."

                    What happened when he threw his mexican abc belt in the bin and said he doesn't fight for belts..did that mean a lot to him?

                    "Daniel Jacobs, after Canelo, is probably the best middleweight around. There’s no doubt about it."

                    Golovkin chased the bigger Jacobs around the ring, knocked him down and beat him. Clearly makes him above Jacobs on the rankings.
                    Also if something is probable, then there is doubt involved. That statement contradicts itself and makes no sense.

                    De La Hoya is a scatter brain. I understand he has to promote his fighter but to be on a coke binge and dribble nonesense everytime he promotes a fight is pretty out there. If he wasn't such a big player in the game, i wouldn't even comment on this drug *****ed idiot.

                    that was a VERY close fight

                    I would pick Jacobs to win the rematch


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                      Hard to understand why Jacobs would be the 2nd best after Canelo when GGG lost by a point and already beat Jacob?..Wouldn't then logic dictate that GGG is the second best? Well to hell with logic when you need to promote the fight!

                      P.S. I'm yet to be convinced that GGG isnt the best in the MW division.

                      Let me guess, after they rob Jacob's, will they then try to make the third GGG fight when GGG is 37,5? Good strategy for a fighter who has no confidence and damn it, can it get any more flattering to GGG when "the best" middleweight in the world is waiting for you to get old? Still. Having fought you twice already..