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  • Originally posted by ggg_kz View Post
    It's known that in the ams you fight mostly on the backfoot - you need to score points in a short period of time (3 rounds) with no intention to land power shots, so it's mostly using your feet, fighting by keeping the distance and counter attacking. And brawlers usually get outscored big time as they have less chanes knocking out in 3 rounds and get countered many times (like Mexican ams). You don't find many aggressive counter punchers in the ams the way Golovkin is.

    The point made can be said in another way: what is more comfortable in the ams - back foot or front foot ? The answer would be back foot. So your argument on Rigo is a bit irrelevant as he falls into the same category (comfortable on the back foot), as would Golovkin or any any distinguished am. Then after it's a choice - Golovkin challenged himself to try counter attacking on the front foot, which is way more difficult as you tend to open more and have more open spaces to hit. But this is his choice.
    I know how they score fights in the amateurs, but I still don't buy into your argument that Golovkin got -bored- of being on his backfoot so became, not only more aggressive, but a pressure fighter in all of his bouts.

    I have never seen Golovkin on the backfoot in the pro, during his last fight he was caught with a right hand that seemed to stun him. After that, he didn't box , he just moved away and shelled up for the rest of the round, then recovered and resumed to beat the crap out of his opponent through pressure. He never tried to box off his backfoot.

    No prize fighter in the world fights off his front foot at all times if his best option is to stay on the backfoot.
    The most likely explanation is that in the pro ranks there are guys who could outbox GGG, but not many who can stand his pressure.

    With that said, I think Golovkin can outbox Junior if he has to, but that would be an adjustment to compensete Chavez Jr's weight advantage, not his favorite/best style.