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Comments Thread For: Kovalev's Promoter Slams Adonis Stevenson, Jabs Haymon

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    9 out of 10 would pay to see Kovalev vs Stevenson, rather than Stevenson vs Hopkins. The latter bout would be boring as hell and only a few ppl would pay to see two black guys fighting. (look whom floyd picks all the time)
    On the other hand, it's quite obvious that Stevenson is ducking Kovalev


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      here is what i think is Peterson plan

      1 fight fonfara make the most money possible with the network that is ready the pay the most $$$

      2 make 2 millz fighting Hopkins in montreal in what is gonna be a huge fight for quebecers coz they know Hopkins and absolutely adore Hopkins over here in montreal

      3 fight Kovalev if hbo is ready to put huge $$$ on the line i mean like 2.5 maybe 3 millz with a possibility of a rematch

      4 then fight pascal in mtl in whatz gonna be another huge fight in mtl where he easily makes 2 3 millz

      that is the planand i agree with him 100% the guy is old and has to make sure his later days are secure. sometimes fans need to understand this is what this guys do for living. you **** up u be broke the rest of your life. no fan is gonna send you a paycheck to pay your morgage
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        Originally posted by -MAKAVELLI- View Post
        Duva is on point..Stevenson didn't want to fight Kovalev and did the one thing to make sure he didn't have to; sign with Haymon and hide over at Showtime
        Showtime and Haymon won't pressure him to fight Kovalev.

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          Dudes read NSB and become boxing promoters/managers for their favorite fighter.


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            Stevensons just another big-mouthed idiot duck, spawned by the joke people who run this sport.

            Kovalev is a real fighter, I can't see him changing managers to avoid a fighter if the situation was reversed.

            I know who i'd rather watch.


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              Originally posted by thuggery View Post
              Just as he should. It must be somewhat agitating knowing that Stevenson ran to Haymon and Showtime just to duck Kovalev so he can fight an ancient Hopkins.

              Unfortunately even with all the fans disgusted at Stevenson's ducking, he doesn't seem to care.
              That's what pimps do


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                Originally posted by thuggery View Post
                It's almost pathetic seeing someone with as much KO power as Adonis has to literally be running away from Kovalev with his tail tucked...

                What is he so afraid of?
                Stevenson knows he's packing glass. I'm confident Hopkins that fought pascal 4 years ago would have beat Stevenson up but today's Hopkins, I'm not so sure. Have to see how he looks April 19th.


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                  Originally posted by Freedom2014 View Post
                  Do you understand he's fighting Fonfara next?
                  Hahah great point. Can't believe these idiots defending Stevenson


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                    Originally posted by Taranazan View Post
                    Does Kovalev have a contract with HBO preventing him to fight on Showtime?

                    Does Stevenson's fight on Showtime against Fonfara prevents him to go back to HBO for his next fight (apart from the fact he signed with Haymon)?

                    Why is everyone so mad at Stevenson for taking the best offer for the Fonfara fight, and no one is blaming HBO for not matching Showtime's offer for the Fonfara fight?
                    Kovalev has a multi-fight deal with hbo.

                    - no it doesn't but writing is on the wall as to what is gonna happen . It's obvious show time won't pay for a fonfara fight if some sort of agreement to fight Hopkins after was in place

                    - because Stevenson made agreement 2 months ago for 2 fight deal but then changed his mind and signed with al haymon because he didn't like the fact that hbo wanted the fonfara fight only if he fought kovalev next


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                      WhAt I am realising is the IQ of People defending Stevenson is lower