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Comments Thread For: Kovalev's Promoter Slams Adonis Stevenson, Jabs Haymon

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  • Originally posted by peplz View Post
    Oh god. Take that tired ass line back to Fox News and Sean Hannity
    Im sorry I'm sorry, I meant Rapist, not racist


    • Originally posted by peplz View Post
      I don't give a damn! And the system is totally corrupt. Adonis Stevenson is responsible for his own actions and you for yours. When people make ignorant stereotypical statements and generalizations it labels a whole group of people not just Adonis Stevenson. You'll never get it cause you don't want to
      Yes, it is a crime to generalize pimps isn't it? Those poor, poor ppl. Maybe they'll slap their girls extra hard for you tonight.


      • Originally posted by peplz View Post
        It doesn't matter what he is. What are you and all of the people that like to support ignorant ass stereotypes by making and agreeing with statements like these. Sheesh. Are we back in the 1950's or what?
        ....What stereotype? He literally pimped out underage girls. Why are you defending his disgusting acts? Poor wittle rapist, let's all bow before him.


        • Originally posted by boxingfeind View Post
          Yup,they are always throw the racist subliminal jabs at black fighters and managers,and they be the same ones that claim that blacks like to pull out the race card.I`m glad when i see them throw these racist subliminal jabs,because you get to see what`s really behind the fake smiles we all see in public,and people like me are no longer seen as paranoid when you try to tell people certain things.
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          • All I see here is a butthurt promoter upset at the fact that her fighter is going to miss out on an opportunity because of this.

            Stevenson was presented with a better offer for the Fonfara fight, naturally he is going to take it. I heard it was 40% more or something?

            I'm not the type of person who is worried the fighters trying to get their money. I want to see Stevenson-Kovalev...but I get why Stevenson did what he did. These guys don't give a **** about belts and fans, each fight can be their last so they want to maximize their earnings.

            It's easy to speak from the perspective of the fan. But thinking as a fighter, if you're going to make more money in 2 fights on a different network, regardless of who the opponent is, then why wouldn't you take the money?

            They don't hire Al Haymon to go on message boards and see what fights fans want to see.

            If Sho can come up with that money for Stevenson/Fonfara, then why can't HBO match it, if they think the end result (Stevenson/Kovalev) is going to be profitable to the point to justify that kind of pay for a preliminary bout?

            Answer is they can't because it isn't.

            If the fight that the people want to see IS the money fight, and it's not being made, then call the fighter all the names you want and I completely agree.

            For example Floyd and Manny. They both are POS's because they can't make more money fighting anyone other than each other.

            This isn't the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last. Since money is the ultimate driving force in this sport, nothing we can say or do or feel is going to change it.