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Comments Thread For: Mayweather on Pacquiao: I Got To Eat Marquez's Leftovers?

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  • Comments Thread For: Mayweather on Pacquiao: I Got To Eat Marquez's Leftovers?

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. continued his social network assault on Manny Pacquiao. The biggest fight in boxing is once again in spotlight, although Mayweather is now sitting in a much higher position since the very first time the two sides attempted to make a fight several years ago.

    For the last few days, Mayweather has been taking shot at Pacquiao with several photos. This time Mayweather made reference to Pacquiao controversial decision loss to Timothy Bradley, his sixth round knockout at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez - and the Filipino boxer's financial troubles with the Internal Revenue Service.
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    Do it INSIDE the ring, and not OUTSIDE the ring!

    If you think its an easy fight, with lots of money, why not fight him?


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      You'll have no problem fighting Breidis Prescott leftovers though hey Floyd?


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        Fraud Gayweather still running scared and ducking talking outside the ring and not inside the ring. Never seen a grown man so scared of another man. Guess he's going to fight Danny Garcia's leftovers bum ass Amir Khan.


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          Mayweather dreams and thinks about Pacquiao constantly. EVEN DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. I hope Mayweather NEVER fights Pacquiao.. So he will be known as THE GUY WHO WAS TOO SCARED TO FIGHT PACQUIAO, EVEN AFTER HIS PRIME instead of one of the best... No Matter How many loses Pacquiao has.. A. HE WAS ALWAYS THE MOST EXCITING BOXER TO WATCH IN THIS GENERATION. B. THE ONLY ONE TO GET 8 BELTS in 8 DIVISIONS C. ALWAYS FOUGHT FOR THE FANS (MEANING HE WASN'T SCARED TO GET HURT AND PUT HIS BODY ON THE LINE) ALWAYS FOUGHT MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR He has 62 fights compared to mayweather's 45... Pacquiao almost has AS MUCH K.O.'s as Mayweather has fights (38) so if Mayweather can go 62-0 then he can be better than Pacquiao. Untill then he is just one of the best boxers like manny pacquiao.. not better than pacquiao yet.
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            Everyone has to be loving this let him build manny's fire once he reaches full motivation I would lay down in the first round if i was a small female framed man his size in that ring with him I can bet anything he wins by tko when the fight happens


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              I'm convinced Mayweather has to fight Pacquiao so they can afford to pay him. His hyping the fight not unless his really scared hmmm...


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                The meme was funny, but these last two messages he's posting you can tell he's trying a bit too hard. He referred to Amir Khan as "Con Artist".

                Mayweather is doing this because he knows a fight with Khan will do poor numbers, so he needs to find a way to sell fights and the best way to do that is to try and piss people off to pay and watch him.

                He had a whole year to make fun of Pacquiao and he chose to do it a year after he gets KOed?

                So it's obvious what his angle is here.


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                  He fought one of Pacquiao's leftovers and that is Miguel Cotto and Miguel almost retire him. Mayweather is a punk, he is scared as hell!


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                    Manny Pacquiao - scaring the **** out of Floyd Mayweather since 2008.

                    OK, fight Khan instead then. Dude is a chump.