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Tyson Fury beat Tyson Fury. I’m heartbroken and devastated.

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    Yeah he's done bad stuff in the past, but which boxer hasn't?

    Don't need to make excuses for Fury when he's not even making them himself. Sure he says he thinks he won, but admits it was a close fight and at no point has he made out like he'd been robbed or even pissed off by the decision or cards.

    He looked in as good shape as I can ever recall. He had a great fight. He would have beaten 99% of people in the ring with him last night. But he got the 1% of Usyk.
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      Originally posted by Hmabshir View Post
      Tyson won that fight and Usyk was given a robbery victory due to an American judge who felt sympathy for Ukraine. I am an American and our country has become a satellite state for that little ****hole thousands of miles away
      At what point during the fight did you cum? Or still holding it in for the rematch?
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        Originally posted by JeBron Lamez View Post


        Imho, if Fury had actually thrown the cross during 7-10 he may have avoided defeat.

        Instead, he continued to mainly swipe tepidly at the body without a single, simple 1-2 in sight.
        I think he was quite tired by that point.

        I do think his gameplan wasn’t the best, expected more rough house tactics but then again it’s easier said than done.

        It was a great fight, looking forward to the rematch if it happens.


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          Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post
          Just proves my point that too many of y’all are boxer fans and not boxing fans.
          I think most fans start of as a boxer's fan and than hopefully grow out of it.

          I used to be a Calzaghe fan when I was a kid. I'd be genuinely nervous for him. I could never feel like that now. I'm a grown man with kids and a mortgage.

          Fury and his family have roots that are local to me - most people know that family and people in that team. But I am not bothered if he wins or loses.

          As a boxing fan especially at that level what you want is both fighters to perform at their maximum and give a good fight. Which is what happened.

          For me the worst thing that can happen in a fight like that is if someone turns up and has a shocker. Like Spence get smashed to pieces by Crawford. I'm not a Spence fan but as soon as that fight started it was apparent within about 1 and half rounds that he was gonna get absolutely slapped and there was nothing he could do about it apart from go out on his arse swinging. But I was rooting for him to find something, anything to make that fight interesting.


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            I thought Fury looked great for 7 rounds. Best he’s looked in a long time. Then Usyk adjusted and kept the pressure on. But Fury still fought to the end. Was that the most punches he’s ever thrown?
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              Sure he had success for some rounds however Usyk decided to not put him in the hospital in Round 9, held back and let the weak ref finally step in.


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                Originally posted by TysonFuryTBE View Post
                Everyone here knows what it’s like seeing their favourite fighter lose. I’ve now had this experience and it’s devastating. Don’t care about boxing anymore, Will be giving it up for some months now.

                Ultimately, Tyson Fury beat Tyson fury, Usyk didn’t beat him. Tyson’s damage of his body over the years, all the drugs and alcohol finally caught up with him along with the over confidence and the arrogant new lifestyle where he doesn’t bother training for certain fights. Look at rounds 3-7, Fury was playing with him, was like watching him vs Chisora again. The fury back then could have done that for all 12 rounds and just broke Usyk down. But the damage he done to himself has led to this.

                Makes you think just how good Fury could have been if he didn’t spiral into a dark depression and go on drinking and drugs binge after the klitschko fight. He would have been unstoppable. What a shame.

                Usyk f*(*)(ed up Tyson Fury and I am in tears.


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                  kinda felt like he thought he broken him and lost concentration.....Usyk is a dog


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                    Fury lost to the better man on the night. But fury showed glimpses of what he can do in rematch.
                    The best of era will win rematch


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                      To win the rematch fury will have to lead and thow a multitude of punches every single round before usyk gets into range much like he did from rounds 5-7

                      The problem is he was in the best shape he could possibly be in and he still gassed after 3 rounds of the possible winning gameplan as he was gassing in the 8th prior to the nose break

                      And even if he could keep up that pace in the 7th usyk matched him punch for punch and that wasnt a clear round for fury

                      Usyk took rounds 5 and 6th off and fury still had to expell a lot of energy just to win the rounds at range

                      No chance fury wins the rematch as usyk is just that good