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Daniel Dubois body shot landed on Usyk.

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    Depends what angle you look at it this one looks clean there’s been lower shots just rewatch the Chisora fight you can lose count . Lol

    I thought it was clean punch initially but obviously it hit his cup in other angles going in an upward tra,it’s not so much a low blow as is it must have hit him in a real bad spot because Usyks been getting hit low a lot bc fighters are that desperate against him in there , DDD was hitting him low bf that which were blatantly low so maybe Usyk got fed up with it ? Lol


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      It was a legal punch
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        Originally posted by Beercules

        You got punched in the balls? Oooooooof
        Punched in the top of the guard, basically it pinches everything down there.


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          Originally posted by Beercules

          When I was playing soccer (youth league) I missed a shot and 1000% kicked this other kid in the balls.
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            People really still crying about this? Dubois lost basically every second of that fight that he wasn't punching Usyk low. That wasn't the only low blow he threw either.

            FFS, you can hear the punch land on the cup, Dubois and his corner didn't even TRY to protest the call when it happened, and watch where Dubois hand goes right after the strike and he sees what happens... Right over his own gonads. He KNEW he hit Usyk low. If there was any chance that was a legal punch, he and his corner would have protested it immediately. Everyone ringside knew that was low.

            I've also taken plenty of very hard shots in that area. Seen other guys get hit so hard that their cups shattered and sent shards all up in there. That's a very obvious low blow. The only people pushing that crap are Usyk haters.

            And for the record, bad calls in other fights don't mean squat with respect to this one. Was under the navel, so it was low. Salido didn't get so much as a point taken for hitting Loma low over 60 times. So what?
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              From what I see, this punch was the same punch that Joshua hit him with. Punch with upward trajectory that landed low and basically pulled Usyk's shorts upwards thus seemed like it landed more on the beltline than really did.
              With your name I would have guessed that you know what a clean body punch look like