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I'm still rooting pretty hard for Usyk to beat Fury

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  • I'm still rooting pretty hard for Usyk to beat Fury

    Always liked Usyk. Always took the best available competition. Fury is an annoying PED cheat and I hope he loses. His dad should face some charges from earlier today too. **** that family.
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    " There's only one Tyson Fury " !!!


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      Originally posted by Idunnoshet View Post
      " There's only one Tyson Fury " !!!
      Yeah he's gonna win huh? Dude's taking this one seriously.


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        I'm a fan of Usyk and a Brit.

        I don't really care who wins. Part of me wants to see another undisputed Brit. And I've always followed Fury. Then there's a big part of me that respects Usyk and would like to see Fury fall flat on his lying face.

        I just want it to be a massive event and give us an undisputed champion again for a minute.

        I do suspect that the building towards undisputed over the last few years will have been far more exciting than what happens when we actually get one. And probably sums up why we don't get many.

        For what it's worth - my money is on Usyk.
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          Fury is a troubled man, I belive he has some good in him, you see it from time to time when he's happy, he's capable of kindness.

          But his demons get the best of him a lot of the time.

          The man is a dry alcoholic with bipolar disorder, I can't be too mad at him because his brain is literally defective.

          As far as the fight, I'm just going with the logical pick which is Usyk, but fury is enough of a wildcard that you can't count him out.
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            So am I even though I think Fury will dominate him.


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              You hit the nail on the head. nothing really to add.


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                The same. I will be rooting for Usyk pretty hard. The same as I used to root for Fury when I as still his fan.
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                  I will be very salty if Fury wins, not gonna lie...


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                    If usy k wins id be pleased as he is nice guy and he's doing it for ukraine. If fury wins id be pleased for him because of his mental health past. An d me being english, I should want fury to win but I don't know.
                    Maybe both to win one a piece. Fury win 1st. Fury give Josh s fight, then fury loses to usy k in rematch.
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