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  • If you want a serious answer?

    The skill level is very low, the talent pool is extremely shallow and it's just not at a level that I find worth watching.

    I do watch women's Muay Thai on DAZN they have RWS, the skill level is really good and there's a lot of talent.
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  • I saw the fight like this

    1-2 Usyk close, not much in it

    3-6 Fury wide

    7-8 Usyk close

    9-10 Usyk very wide

    11-12 Fury close

    It swung back and forth more than once, the only main difference was round 9 because it was...
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  • Usyk is Pedestalised to an above average level for sure.

    He's a very impressive boxer but I'm not as high on him as others are, mainly because of his "condensed" career, he's fought in my opinion 3 elite level fighters, Bredis, AJ and Fury.

    Gassiev, Bellew, Dubois...
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  • There's not much to say on the matchup, it's a sta,, y busy or fight designed for Torres to get some rounds in, it's acceptable for Torres age and experience level.... For now.

    He needs to be careful his team don't turn him into another Deontay Wilder though, he needs to move onto the tough...
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  • Zhang put in a career worst against Parker. He was career heaviest and fell in love with his power, he showed absoloutley no movement at all, stood in the middle of the ring and looked for single counters assuming he just had to land one and the fight would be over, and tbh he was almost right as he...
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  • Which Current Heavyweight would you give the best chance against Usyk

    Some choices

    Zhang Zhelei
    Joseph Parker
    Agit Kabayel
    Andy Ruiz jr
    Jared Anderson
    Bakhodir Jalalov...
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  • Atypicalbrit
    replied to How would David Tua do?
    Styles make fights.

    Tua is a stylistic nightmare for Usyk, people will act like Usyk would fight like Ali, Bob and weave and make Tua miss but the reality is that is not Usyk's style at all, he wouldn't be able to help himself but mix it up with Tua and he would get badly hurt. Tua can...
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  • Atypicalbrit
    replied to Deontay Wilder news
    Personally I think he should fight 6 bums in 6 months and get 6 straight Ko's, then step him back up for one last go....
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  • He is one of the heaviest handed fighters I've seen in the lighter weight, he may not have sharp one punch ko power but everything he lands hurts....
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  • James Toney:Usyk is boring, never fights nobody, he needs to fight Jared Anderson and stop hiding,

    James Toney was scathing in review of Usyk, proclaiming him a boring fighter hwo has only beaten British boxers who aren't very good.

    Says he needs to sack up and face Jared Anderson to prove he's legit.
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