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Comments Thread For: Regis Prograis: Devin Haney's Perfect Record Was Everything to Him

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  • Comments Thread For: Regis Prograis: Devin Haney's Perfect Record Was Everything to Him

    A few days on and people still have a lot to say about Ryan Garcia's victory over Devin Haney - including Regis Prograis, who was the fighter Haney defeated to become the WBC junior welterweight titleholder.
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    First L's are game changers already anyway. That first L reaction defines more boxers trajectory post-that L more than anything else. Its not a perfect record thing, its a first L thing. Kinda like how super competitive guys hate losing more than they love winning.


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      It's always how they get back up after the pressure of taking that first L is off their shoulders. However, the nature of the L is an even bigger part of it. Haney was competitive whenever he didn't get hurt, but whenever he got rocked or dropped, it was tough to watch. He came back and fought with heart, but his lack of power is his biggest detriment and probably has a bigger bullseye on his back from the big dogs at 140 now after seeing what Garcia was able to do to him. We'll see going forward.


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        Pretty sure everyone's effected when they lose the first time


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          Haney won't be the same


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            Originally posted by pretty boy_

            That "L" will forever have an * next to it. Haney beat Progrias fair and square. That wasn't the case with Garcia-Haney.
            But tell us does Floyd Mayweathers 0 have an asterisk too since the whole world seen him lose to Castillo?

            What about Tanks dehydration win over Ryan asterisk too???
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              Originally posted by pretty boy_

              ​​​​​​Stick to the thread topic. Besides, all those fighters you mentioned made their contracted weight. Unlike the unprofessional Ryan Garcia.
              How about Floyd missing weight against Marquez ?


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                Haneys first L was the one in mexico that his daddy paid to get removed off his record LOL


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                  While I respect Prograis’ opinion; I am going to have to humbly disagree with it. Devin took on all comers and took more risks than any other fighter in boxing.

                  He fought Kambosos 2x on his home soil; Loma, Prograis and now Ryan Garcia in order to get what he wanted. That hardly sounds like a fighter who is trying to protect their undefeated record.

                  He just didn’t sit back to pick and choose in order to Pad his record and to protect his 0.


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                    Damn! Regis is salty as Hell. He got his ass whooped by Devin and now he is hoping and wishing for him to fail.

                    What the Hell does he mean Haney is only a paper champion? He was all but willing, able and prepared to defend his title but Ryan decided to not to even bother to challenge him for it by deliberately not making the weight.
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