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Comments Thread For: Usyk's Promoter Says Mandatory is Next: Fury Had List of Absolutely Unacceptable Demands

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    Well at least it’s only Fury ball lickers still believing him at this point, they’re in tailspin and it’s bloody hilarious.
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      Originally posted by Winky-Wright View Post
      Where are you Thack????? You’ve disappeared off the face of the earth now!!
      Look for any Eddie Hearn articles & you'll find him in the comments there


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        Originally posted by Smash View Post
        wtf are these things hes demanding, just list a few of them to back up your point please
        "Usyk must speak English and use NO translator at any of the interviews or conferences."

        "Fury retains the right to sing after the fight."



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          Its good to see the whole boxing fraternity now sees the gormless gyppo for the underpants soiled clown he really is. I ALWAYS knew this turd would duck usyk. He ducked Joshua FFS! Of course he was gonna duck usyk.
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            Originally posted by denium View Post

            Yet I still have thousands more rep on here than you do.

            Cry more you little b1tch

            And if you believe that Usyk fought one day in the army, then you really are a gullible fool.
            Bro's bragging about fake Internet points on a boxing news site


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              The Tipsy King with The Tipsy Excuses.

              There it is. His best win was against Wlad (on roids). Next best win is Wilder who ofc is completely unproven as he beat 40+ cab drivers until lost to Fuey.

              Lucky, paper thin wins against Wilder twice and against All-in Wallin. Now he is squirming his way out of a fight against a middleweight. Like he squirmed his way out of a rematch vs Klitschko and tried with Wilder III.

              It is understandable of course. He is afraid of losing after all the big mouth tasteless banter. If he retires now he can keep saying how he would have beat this guy and that guy and how he still would if he trained for 3 days. But the sad part is that some real people with no diagnosed brain damage actually still believe the tipsy one and support his laughable lies.
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                The ''MW'' shook Flubber to his core !!!!

                Time for Fury fans to find a new leader


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                  Originally posted by BarfyMan362 View Post

                  Bro's bragging about fake Internet points on a boxing news site
                  Denium doesn’t have a positive rep in real life ,he’s viewed as a dirt bag so winning points on here is his life and it gets him by mentally as though he’s a somebody . And most of it is probably from his alt accounts on here . Lol


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                    Fury ducked Usyk.

                    I wanted to see them fight each other but at least I m getting the satisfaction of reading a ton of comments agreeing that Fury ducked. Even some Fury fans have stated that they're pissed off at Fury for being such a pvssy. His reputation is taking a big hit from this. I used to like him but he's been just too much of a diva recently. Youtube is full of comments lambasting Fury. Here on NSB the overwhelming opinion is that Fury ducked the "middleweight". I'm happy to see his reputation take a hit. He went from greatest heavyweight of this era and maybe ever, to chicken **** dosser who feared a much smaller fighter. The world know what's up.

                    Tyson Fury, the Gypsy Queen -
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                      I wonder if things like this have something to do with boxing's steady decline in ratings. Hopefully this opens up the door for a Fury vs Chisora 4!!! Or maybe another former opponent/current friend needs a quick pay day. That would be cool too.