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Comments Thread For: Josh Taylor Issued Medical Certification Notice By WBO, Requiring Proof Of Injury

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  • Comments Thread For: Josh Taylor Issued Medical Certification Notice By WBO, Requiring Proof Of Injury

    The timetable is not immediately known for the oft-rescheduled Josh Taylor-Jack Catterall rematch. A hard deadline is in place, however, for Taylor to justify why he should remain champion. Scotland's Taylor must comply with the WBO's official Interim Medical Certification notice, with the lineal and WBO junior
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      Why wouldn't Taylor's Team notify the WBO, prior to them making a request?


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        Good. Strip this bum of his last remaining belt. His fake injuries are becoming annoying.
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          Taylor just needs to stop this farce and cancel the fight. It's so obvious to almost everyone now that he doesn't want that smoke from Catterall.


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            Hahaha...and so what?
            They sent the same exact letter to Jermook Charlo, with a 'respond by this date' and.....crickets.

            The only 'action' has been that the man that Charlo said he would never fight, Tim Tszyu is now fighting Tony Harrison.

            Talk about playing the system Josh Taylor, c'mon, try and be first and at least come with an original excuse.

            "It's not 'business' Sonny, its 'personal'.

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              Has there ever been as big of a fall from grace without fighting?

              Man won everything and then up and said "I don't care about boxing anymore".
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                Hope they strip this a*#hole he is not nearly big enough to be holding the division like this.


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                  Jack Catterall is the one that is getting hurt by all this. By most observers, he should have won those straps and then been in the position of champion for the rematch. If Taylor postpones due to injuries, he still would have the "W" and happily would have moved on to other mandatories.

                  But because of suspect scoring from judges he was likely denied a career defining win. Now, he does not have the "W", does not have the titles, will not get the majority even of them even if the rematch happens and he wins, and Taylor still has his career on hold with another injury. The man is basically getting boned through no fault of his own. This is modern day boxing. Taylor is getting stripped but it is Catterall getting hurt the most. The whole sport seems like a circular firing squad sometimes.