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Comments Thread For: Canelo: I Wasn't 100% in Bivol Fight, He Can't Give Anything More - I Can!

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    How in the hell does he know what Bivol can't give anything more in a fight, is he all of a sudden a mind reader now?
    Canelo says that he can, but Bivol can't, but that said he still needs another tune up fight.
    Bivol doesn't he stated that he was ready to give him an immediate rematch, as long as the split was fair this time around.
    Canelo can try to convince himself that he can beat Bivol all he want's, but most of us (the fan's) just aren't buying it.
    Bivol is just a master boxer, with a real sturdy chin, Canelo just isn't a boxer at the level that it would take to beat a Bivol.
    Bivol is an undefeated champion with 14 consecutive title defenses of different title belts, within that tenor for good reason.
    Lets see if Canelo actually wants the rematch, because I think he knows deep down inside what's coming to him if he takes on Bivol again.


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      I don't like excuses , if your'e not 100% then don't fight. I do respect the fact that he hasn't listened to Eddie Hearn and tried to get him down to 168lbs as the Hearn was trying to sell!


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        I hope he does rematch Bivol, I’ll take Bivol by stoppage in a rematch. All he’s got is that right looping punch against bivol and it got defended well because Bivol does not lean into his own offense due to his size. A more aggressive Canelo flies through his stamina and become a stationary target the last five rounds of the fight and likely goomed. Bivols confidence is through the sky and to say he can’t do more is laughable. He didn’t even turn on his offense all the way on for Canelo, just wait til he actually does the second go round.
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          Originally posted by Cleneloterol
          I couldn’t do things properly, because I didn’t train as I wanted to. Because of my (injured) hand and all that. I lacked one or two rounds to win. I was highly competitive.​
          Listen to this c˛cksucker. Blaming the wrist now!

          This cuck really thinks he needed a round or two to win, it was 10-2. Can't wait until Bivol stops this cheater.
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            Originally posted by Ghost Jab View Post
            Canelo Alvarez is still ashamed about his loss to Dimitri Bivol last year and is now making shocking excuses. He still has loads of money and a lovely wife, so he’s well off, but he still can’t seem to get over his loss. He’s been quoted as saying that he wasn’t properly prepared for the fight and that his head wasn’t in the right place. He’s also giving off the airs of someone who is not sure if he wants to continue fighting. It’s shocking to see a fighter of his stature making excuses like this, but it just goes to show how much of a blow his loss was. Here’s my advice for him: he should take some time off. Go to the mountains. Find himself. Decide where he wants to go to the future. If he continues fighting, he must put this embarrassment behind himself and look forward instead of backward.
            My advice to him is:

            Get Ko'd in a rematch by Bivol, then fight Beterbiev and live happy after that fight in a wheelchair, or better yet, become a Christian before the fight and then meet your maker when Beterbiev sends you all pulped to him.
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              Canelo is a fighter with EXTREMELY chit stamina and it was evident from as early as his fight with Mayweather. All he does nowadays is make excuses. There should be no reason why he finished with less stamina than a 40 year old man in Golovkin. His fighting style of loading up with every shot and using excessive lateral movement means he always looks awful down the stretch. You'd've thought he would've learned by now...

              Canelo also highlighting how deluded and ignorant he is in the article; "Bivol can't get any better, I can". How the fuk does he know that Bivol can't get any better? Again, just proof that Canelo's ego is the size of the globe and he really does live in a bubble in his head that is so far detached from reality!
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                Originally posted by Gideon Samual View Post
                Couple points from myself not that it means much.
                1. Bivol has more to give he barely exerted himself offensively during the fight.
                2. It wasn't competitive I had bivol winning 9-3
                3. Judges had it 115-113 this doesn't reflect the bout at all.
                4.Bivol doesn't owe you a rematch the first fight wasnt competitive enough.
                5. canelo needs to earn that title opportunity again at 175 everyone else has to when to challenging again for a belt.
                Super good post!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by JonDelPrado View Post
                  Canelo definitely has more speed than he showed that night. And that should seal the deal for him in the rematch. I wonder if he will be the underdog in the betting odds.
                  Where was that speed to “seal the deal” for him before?


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                    Originally posted by Leicesterage View Post

                    I had Golovkin winning a CLOSE first fight. Could have gone either way.

                    The CJ Ross incident was because again, Canelo was the constant aggressor for at least 7 rounds, despite being ineffective. The other judges saw Canelo whiffing punches and scored accordingly. Different sides of the ring.

                    Like Mayweather / Pacquiao and one judge seeing it 10 rounds to 2 ("BLOWOUT!" -- Floyd), where one gave Manny 4 rounds.

                    Bottom line: Canelo was too aggressive against Bivol because he knew at least one judge would bank him rounds over it. Problem is it was a stupid strategy because he's too small.

                    Put it this way.

                    If Canelo outboxes Bivol in a rematch, will you FINALLY accept that just maybe, he could have won the first if he hadn't fought stupid?

                    This twat defending CJ Ross, you should be stoned in the streets for blasphemy.
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                      Originally posted by RJJ-94-02=GOAT View Post

                      I think he could potentially stop him. Canelo settled for a points loss/hoping the judges would save him in those later rounds. He knew if he went for it, Bivol would have picked him off and potentially finished him.
                      That’s exactly what happened. Canelo knows he has favour with the boxing establishment and he definitely thought he would get points for being the popular Mexican fighter who draws the most in the usa