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Comments Thread For: Andy Ruiz's Father: "Our Ultimate Objective is Deontay Wilder!"

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    That sounds a like a very practical move because if he does defeat Ortiz and if Fury and Usyk decide to fight each other then he would be left without a dance partner. However, if Usyk and Fury doesn't decide to fight each other then all of the belts would be up for grabs.

    Usyk said he won't fight anyone else unless it's Tyson Fury and Tyson Fury has already announced his retirement. Then that would leave him as the mandatory challenger for Fury's vacant WBC heavyweight title belt and Deontay Wilder as it's no.1 contender.


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      If he beats Ortiz - and it's a big "if" - It will be interesting to see how much time passes between a Wilder right hander and Ruiz's last flab roll wobbling.


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        Wants it to be in May 2023? Does that mean he is gonna sit on his fat ass after the Ortiz fight until then or is he going to fight someone else in between? May is a long time away. I don’t think he even beats Ortiz, so this conversation may be mute.


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          Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post

          This is a re-run of the 'Bronze-Bum' , Robert Helenius is like Johann Duhaupas and Andy Ruiz is Chris Arreola part 2. The recycle division gets on PPV all year round, what a disgrace.
          Sounds to me like you're wasting a chance to enjoy the best heavyweights division since you were in diapers my friend.


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            Originally posted by Willow The Wisp View Post

            Sounds to me like you're wasting a chance to enjoy the best heavyweights division since you were in diapers my friend.
            I have watched enough HW boxing to come to a sound conclusion, this division is overrated and the most disappointing and full of doping. I'm not missing much.


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              Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP View Post
              Less than two weeks before a very dangerous fight with Cuban veteran Luis Ortiz, it's been revealed that the main objective for Andy Ruiz is to fight with former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.
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              OFFTHE SUBJECT-There should be a page on BoxingScene where people can discuss non related items. and not in the "History".

              I want to recommend one of the wildest fights I've ever seen. An old favourite of mine Gaspar Ortegs was fighting Benny Paret, later to become the Champion that died after an Emil Grifith fight. The ref was to blame for that in not stopping the fight a dozen punches before he did.

              Anyway. This fight between Gaspar and Paret is a HUGE slugfest from the very first second to the last second. Gaspar got the decision. A really tough Hombre. Usually he had a very food body movement defence but not this time .It was ALL OUT WAR.