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Comments Thread For: Adrien Broner Confirms Comeback Fight Against Omar Figueroa

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    Originally posted by chepboxingking View Post
    This is a horrible stylistic fight for Broner.
    Plus he's coming in from a long layoff.

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      AB is washed ............................


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        Originally posted by hitmanjosh

        Gone with that racist a(Ss) BS, ******! It's people like you that can't do and ain't s(HiT)! Now what MF'er!
        Don't step like that. Someone's likely to punch a hole in your face.
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          Omar hasn’t won a fight in over 3 years.


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            Talk about beating a dead horse. Tragic they are squeezing all they can out of this clown.


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              Originally posted by 4truth View Post
              Omar hasn’t won a fight in over 3 years.
              and Broner is 1W-2L-1 draw in his last 4 fights.


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                Glad to see FOX back in the game. Figures they would want a Broner fight as the ratings figure to be high. Hopefully he gets himself into shape. I also hope the Texan, Omar, has recovered from the violent beating he got in his last fight….hated seeing him spit up blood. AND hopefully he has a proper trainer for this


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                  Bad style for Broner.

                  Should have put him in there with Thurman.


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                    Omar Figueroa is one of a few who may have declined even faster than AB.

                    for his part, Broner wsa looking ancient in some recent video I saw, a comment said he looked like Bill Haney LOL.

                    I get the style/volume aspect being in Omar's favor but he looked like a shell in his last fight.

                    He can't walk through shots like he used to. He likes to try to roll with the punches but last fight it seemed like he was turning away because he was feeling pain, didn't look good.

                    I'm sure he'll start hot but I think he will more effected by Broner's sharp punches than other guys. I don't think Fig has the resistance to outwork Broner for that long, he won't have much defensively one he has to step back and take a breather.

                    Only AB could mess this up.

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                      Interesting matchup stylistically and a we get too to see who is less shopworn and unmotivated.

                      I seem to recall Figueroa having problems making weight in some of his more recent fights and he looked like someone who didn't want to be and shouldn't have been in the ring in his last fight.

                      Broner should have caught an L in his last fight against Santiago (who was then smoked in 6 by Gary Antuan Russell).

                      Figueroa should outwork Broner but he can be hit with a counter, question is can AB pull the trigger? If it goes the distance, will the judges continue their generosity to Broner?

                      This may have the makings of a classic like Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000.