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Comments Thread For: Adrien Broner Confirms Comeback Fight Against Omar Figueroa

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    Originally posted by 4truth View Post
    Omar hasn’t won a fight in over 3 years.
    He's about to pick up a W against Broner


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      This will be a fun fight for 4 or 5 rounds then itll turn into a 7th grade school dance type fight where both kids have 2 left feet. Imma watch it though just in case a fight does break out.


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        Originally posted by Rip Chudd View Post

        He's about to pick up a W against Broner
        Something isn't right with Omar. Last time out he quit in his corner after 6. He had not come close to winning a single round.

        I think he's more done than Broner is. Broner has more pop and he's got a great chin. I'm riding with Broner on this one, they picked Omar for a reason.


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          Originally posted by Rockybigblower View Post

          Don't step like that. Someone's likely to punch a hole in your face.
          It won’t be your a(SS)!


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            Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

            It won’t be your a(SS)!
            Best advice my dad ever gave me....

            Don't mess with people you don't know....cause if you don't know don't know what they are capable of. Keep that in mind.


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              Could be the making of another Maidana/Broner.

              No problem with fight as both are dispensable and desperate.
              At least it's not some freaking Benn vs Broner or Ennis vs Broner,
              like some fans even agreed to or suggested.
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                I don’t understand why they are bringing Broner back if not to cash him out vs a Boots type or even a Thurman/Danny Garcia type.

                This just seems like a risky lose-lose situation to me. I mean Omar has looked bad recently so if Broner wins who cares, but if Omar can keep throwing he can just clearly outwork Broner who refuses to let his hands go (can’t imagine after this long of a layoff he’s gonna come back as a reinvented fighter that punches more).