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Wilder is back is he instantly top 3 at HW

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    I think Wilder has a chance to either KO Usyk or be badly out boxed again.

    I've always maintained that a Joshua fight would be fireworks and that the first one that landed gets the KO and at this point, more than ever. I don't want to say Wilder is chinny but he's looked that way against Fury and with his KO losses, I'm sure his resilience has gone down. I would love to see the fight though. It would be awesome for as long as it lasted.


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      He is top #2


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        Originally posted by Marchegiano View Post

        Y'all said that between 2 and 3 too and he come back better. Wilder's still Wilder. He hasn't the range of character to be anyone else.
        Wilder looked like shit in his last fight. It ended up being so exciting because Fury came in underprepared and overconfident and carelessly walked right onto a wild, desperate right hand from Wilder who, let's not forget, had already been decked once and was getting pasted from pillar to post at that point.

        Even with that massive stroke of luck, Wilder didn't have what it took to put Fury away and as soon as Tyson recovered - which didn't take long - he went straight back to dominating Wilder and battering him from pillar to post until the inevitable KO finale.
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          Originally posted by denium View Post

          I think he knocks Usyk out. Usyk isn't a magician, he's been hit plenty of times, at some point during the fight he's going to stray into range and Wilder is going to land that right hand, and when he does, Usyk will fall over like a sack of spuds.

          Usyk would handle Wilder easily. I'm as sure about that as I was about Fury beating Wlad.


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            Say what you want about Wilder, he’s fun to watch and he doesn’t duck the top guys. He’s good for the sport.
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              Originally posted by joe strong View Post
              Helenius with his high WBA rank turned down the ordered WBA eliminator with Hughie Fury so could a Wilder fight be in the cards? It would probably net him his biggest career payday. He could possibly get 7 digits for that fight.
              That would be a killer fight IMO The Nordic Nightmare is on the rise and probably seriously confident after the Kownacki fights and Wilder is dangerous as hell for any fighter. Fun fight if you ask me.
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                Helenius would be a fun fight. Two big heavyweights.
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                  People can rank Wilder wherever they want. But Deontay Wilder has to back all of this up with a performance and a win.

                  Nobody knows what kind of form he is in.

                  Has Wilder still got the power? He had Fury hurt in that third fight and could not finish him.

                  Is Fury punch durability really that good? Fury has been up and down like a yo yo throughout his entire career.

                  I get knocked down, but I get up again, you never going keep me down. That's Fury's song.

                  Like when Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman, other heavyweights started to get brave. Ron Lyle proceeded to fight Foreman head on. And then Jimmy Young beat Foreman.

                  Has Wilder still got this aura of intimidation? Are other heavyweights still to the same level afraid of his power?

                  That is what we are going to find out.


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                    I’d say so. He’s 4th at worst.


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                      Wilder has no chance to Ko Usyk. History dictates it as so. Guys of the level of Uysk just don’t get KO’d by punchers like Wilder, although it doesn’t stop the fans from dreaming that it might happen. Maybe if Usyk was british Wilder could win the first fight by fluke and proceed to get punished and stopped in the rematch.