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Canelo-GGG III feels like a damp squib.

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  • Canelo-GGG III feels like a damp squib.

    I flew over to Vegas to attend both fights 1 and 2 but I genuinely couldn’t really care about the third fight. GGG is clearly well past his prime and Canelo is coming off a pretty one sided loss despite what the BS scorecards suggested. I’ve got Jones-Tarver III vibes tbh, I just don’t think there’s really any intrigue about a third fight. Thoughts?
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    I don't care to see it either.
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      I'll watch. Hoping GGG gets some cosmic justice like Marquez in the fourth Pacquiao fight, even though he likely won't.
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        Yeah, pretty much the same. Been a big Golovkin fan over the years but his day is clearly past and it's inconceivable that he'll accomplish at 40 or 41 what he couldn't at 36 - a decisive win over Canelo on the cards or a KO. I don't need to see this fight a third time, especially not when there's fights with younger guys who both deserve the break and offer the genuine intrigue of showing something new.

        Course I'll watch, but it ain't like I'm gonna be counting down the days...


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          I disagree. While Canelo IS coming off that one sided loss, it was at 175 and not 168. GGG is still one of the best MWs in the world and is coming off a solid performance vs Murata. It's not RJJ/Traver III level of a fight even though GGG is not in his prime and Canelo is coming off the one sided loss.

          Canelo coming off that loss at 175 is kind of like Morales vs Raheem before the Pacquiao rematch.
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            I’ll watch obviously but the reality is GGG was arguably past his best when he really beat Canelo first time. That was 5 years ago. 5 years is a long time in boxing, especially when you’re already on the slide

            The fight really holds no intrigue at all. I’ve always been a huge GGG fan but he’s way too far in decline to roll back the years. I’d probably rather see GGG call it a day rather than just beating B and C level middleweights until he’s too old and loses to someone that couldn’t lace his boots at his best

            I’d rather just see Canelo either try to rematch Bivol to see if he can do any better (which I doubt) or fight another top 168 fighter like Benavidez.


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              The Great Nash sees an upset coming. Golovkin by knock out. Nash out.


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                Benavidez is standing right infront of him, with huge excitement and support for the fight, yet hes going after a 40 year old whos never even fought at 168 before. Pathetic really.


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                  Not interested.

                  Would rather see him fight Benevdiez or Charlo. Neither really deserve the fight but the fans seem to want it so why not.


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                    Originally posted by Nash out View Post
                    The Great Nash sees an upset coming. Golovkin by knock out. Nash out.
                    No chance

                    He’s punches in slow motion and isn’t 1 punching KOing granite chin Canelo.

                    He’d have to land flurry.

                    I.e not happening