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Does Haney vs Kambosos happen next??? Who wins??

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    Originally posted by KOVALEVKO View Post
    I would love to see Haney vs Kambosos next!!! Who wins that fight? Does it happen next??
    - -Kambo could fight his grandma and make more money than against Big Lips Flapping Haney and his fat Daddy.

    What grade U in?


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      Would happen if Haney wins his forthcoming fight.

      Funny that if Kambosos beats Haney, it would look like or regarded as another upset again.


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        Kambosos' victory really jolts the division because he's not affiliated with any of the major banners (I think he's with DiBella?).

        I will be honest, Kambosos never really impressed me prior to his fight with Lopez. He seemed tough and solid but basic to my eyes. I think alot of factors came into how things unfolded last night but Kambosos is obviously better than I gave him credit for.

        I really wouldn't mind seeing him in against Haney, Garcia, Tank, Loma or Diaz should he win against Devin. Let's see what happens...
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          no rematch, lopez was rude in the build up and was too arrogant to put in a rematch clause so by his own words he shouldnt be given one. he'd lose the rematch anyway


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            Let's see Haney beat JoJo first...


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              Originally posted by revelated View Post

              I don't know when you guys will understand this.

              Promoters DON'T CARE ABOUT HARDCORE FANS.

              CASUALS. BRING. MONEY.

              Without them, you don't have a boxing business.

              In the business of boxing, we need personalities. Characters. People who can draw money.

              Loma is not a character - but he's already known outside of the hardcore. His skill has already been on display. People know he will come to fight and he will make it exciting.

              Nobody knows who the F Haney is - and if they bothered watching any of his fights, they would immediately turn it off. He does not excite casuals, he's a boring fighter. It doesn't matter if it's Australia, he'll stink the joint out and cause fans to stop dialing in. That's the truth we both know. Besides, we also know Haney isn't going overseas. Loma will happily do.
              You make a lot of assumptions for a 21 year old boxer. Haneys been chasing mandatories while says he wouldn’t go to Australia? He’s young and been chasing fights for the last year. The linares fight was a quality fight and as his level of comp has improved his fights have been more exciting. You’re writing off the future to hold on to the past. Loma is old he lost his belts and he doesn’t need to be fast forwarded to the top again. Let these young dogs get a chance


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                Haney wins a close decision.


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                  Devin Haney by easy 12-0 win. Jabs, right crosses, keeping the distance, not allowing Kambosos to get inside or land anything. It will be an easy fight for him, Teo was a fraud.


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                    I give Diaz about as good a chance as Kambosos to defeat Haney. In my mind it's about 30/70 in favor of Haney.

                    Neither Diaz nor Kambosos are big punchers but then Linares isn't either. Haney is by far the better boxer but that chin though...