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Does Haney vs Kambosos happen next??? Who wins??

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    Originally posted by El Más Loco View Post

    That's literally next weekend..........

    That just means their schedules line up perfectly....barring Haney doesn't lose.
    Haney must avoid doing a Fimo.... If Haney wins, then good chance he'll be fighting Kambosos...


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      Originally posted by SceneBoxer View Post

      Haney must avoid doing a Fimo.... If Haney wins, then good chance he'll be fighting Kambosos...
      So long as DAZN pays Kambosos better than anybody else.


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        Next is probably a tune up in Australia because they like feeding each other bums in Australia. I think Tank is most likely to get that fight at 135. He's the only guy Al would open his purse strings up for.


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          I think DAZN is going to pay Kambosis enough in his next fight that he can afford to demand to that challenger come to Australia.

          Only guy I see doing that is Lomachenko. Garcia, Stevenson and Haney ain't doing that shit. It'll be Kambosis-Lomachenko.


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            Teo fought flat-footed and thought he could just walk in and KO him, I see Haney Garcia and Shakur all technically too good and all too fast, glad Kambosis will make a lot of money he is a walking target , he should try and get a Lopez rematch in Aus then fight one of the others if it wins that one, George needs to milk the money while he can.


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              I think Arum will pull out his checkbook and offer big money for a Loma fight


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                Originally posted by ReggieKray View Post
                Kambosos said he'd go for Haney next. He is not a pussy like Teo and will do what needs to be done to become undisputed and get his name written in the history books.

                As far as how that fight will go, I think one thing we can confirm is that Kambosos has a better chin than Haney.
                How can you confirm that? When kambosos has been down and Haney hasn’t?


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                  Originally posted by Boxing-1013 View Post
                  The fans. Based on matchup I'd actually lean towards Haney. But I don't really rate Haney that much. Just hard to see Kambo following up this fight immediately with another great performance.

                  He won tonight because he wanted it more. Maybe he would vs Haney too though. Regardless, that fight will tell us everything we want to know about Haney.
                  I don’t think so. Haney and Teo are very very different fighters. Haney is long and throws long punches and not a ko artist. Haney has better defensive discipline and is a more defensive fighter in general. That along with the benefit of knowing this guy can’t be underestimated would give him a huge advantage in a match with kambosos.


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                    Originally posted by revelated View Post
                    Both Ryan and Haney called him out.

                    I'd rather see him "Dare To Be Great " by offering Loma the shot Teo ran away from. It'd be a good fight too.
                    dare to be great against a fighter with two losses? Rather than face undefeated fighters with belts? Hmmm. Loma ain’t as great as he’s made out to be and I still don’t think he deserves a title shot.
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                      Id rather the undisputed fight with Haney over anybody else but Loma would be my 2nd pick. Or a Lopez rematch would be OK too in Australia but Teo didn't sound so interested in that post fight I half expect him to move up to 140 now.

                      Ryan Garcia, Stank Davis are a dirty pair of Hyena's they can fkk off if they start sniffing around, both have ducked any interest in facing a top boy but I can imagine they smell weaker meat in Kambosos who just was in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

                      Always a fan of undisputed though so Haney would be my pick and I think I'd favour him to win on Boxing ability.