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Comments Thread For: Joshua Felt Wilder Lacked a Proper Game Plan in Tyson Fury Trilogy

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  • Comments Thread For: Joshua Felt Wilder Lacked a Proper Game Plan in Tyson Fury Trilogy

    Former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua believes division rival Deontay Wilder lacked a proper game plan for last month's trilogy fight with WBC world champion Tyson Fury.
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    Those jabs to the body early on were actually working well for him, then he randomly stopped doing it by like the third.


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      Such a hypocrite.
      Ruiz rattled him alot more than we thought.


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        The bulk of muscles was bigger mistake for Wilder.
        He did lose his speed and flexibility
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          Joshua had no game plan against Usyk, if he did, he wouldn't be asking guys like Clifton Mitchell for advice when he was walking to the ring.

          Wilde had a game plan, attack the body and chop down the tree. Unfortunately for him, he got punched in the face and his game plan went out of the window.


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            Says the guy whose game plan was to try and outbox a master class boxer.


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              Game plan ?!?!?

              Throw the right, land the right.

              Same ol, same ol.
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                Big Jugs Joyce would jab Joshua's face right off. Just ask Danny D.

                If you're a boxer it's...

                NO JAB, NO JOB!!!
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                  As you also lacked AJ, against Usyk.

                  The heavyweight division might be different, a few bigger men, but it's not better or as good as past era's. Only Fury would be very competitive with the past greats.


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                    I suppose most would say AJ did too v Usyk but it seemed like he did have a plan, just a naive/arrogant one thinking he could outbox Usyk

                    As for Wilder, well the only plan he can have is try to land the right hand, set it up better but at the end of the day, you know he’s still looking for that only and that isn’t going to work usually against a more intelligent fighter. Maybe AJ thinks Wilder should’ve done what he tried, box with the superior boxer. AJ has no boxing intelligence, so that’s what he probably thinks.

                    In the end, it barely matters. Fury is simply on a higher level to Wilder. Usyk is on a higher level to AJ.