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At what point will Floyd Mayweather get the credit he deserves?

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    Floyd got filthy rich for being the hated guy and more people paid to see him lose than not. In time he will be universally recognized as one of the best ever but for now he still plays the villain role in alot of eyes.


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      Floyd's matchmaking in the second half of his career left a lot to be desired. He waited till the boxers he faced were faded (and avoided others eg Margarito). That has an influence on the people that remember.

      As time goes on however, then the younger generation will look at his boxrec and hear that he's undefeated. People will forget the matchmaking and he will be remembered as a great no doubt.

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        He already gets the credit


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          Originally posted by buddyr View Post
          He's an all time great fighter. I think everyone acknowledges it. He and Pac both, regardless of their dumbazz fanbases. How much more credit does he need? If you're implying that we should recognize him as the best fighter ever, then that's just not going to happen.
          Yes, at worst he's 2nd best of era after Pac how's that not giving credit?


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            When historians are the primary tellers of the story.

            Folk say X will bet battered in history or Y will eclispe. I've heard so many time Many will be looked at as goat level which mean Floyd won't, **** like that.

            Let me tell y'all, buy a bio book on any boxer, I give 0 ****s, pick one. Does that bio book kiss said boxer's ass on ever single page? Does it at best acknowledge failure then shuffle along quickly to get back to glorification?

            No one gets critical books once historians write their books. They're all glowing reviews and Money is a rather easy one to right such a thing for.

            I've never read a fair bio book. They are all glorification. To find the **** you have to read newspapers which is why we in the history section tend to argue with clippings rather than passages.

            In books, Dempsey was a product of his time and there was never any public push for him to fight Wills. It was a waste of time, money, and would piss people off. Peachy. In contemporary papers our dude Trav has down right proven Wills was top of the polls and the number one guy the fans wanted Dempsey to fight.

            History books about boxers are one sided stories even when the story isn't nearly that one sided.

            So, yeah, Money will get plenty of glory, they all do. Jem Ward is in the IBHOF.
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              Originally posted by hugh grant View Post

              Yes, at worst he's 2nd best of era after Pac how's that not giving credit?
              We might as well throw Bradley in there and Amir Khan. This is exactly what the gentleman was saying Floyd gets no credit, yet you claim he does as he is behind afighter that lost to a School teacher was knocked out cold by a fighter Floyd took to school and not only that he actually beat Pacman and Pacman in your eyes is still better.? keep your credit


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                He would get more credit if he wasn't a totally dislikable douchebag.


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                  Originally posted by cushtytaz View Post
                  He would get more credit if he wasn't a totally dislikable douchebag.
                  That and if he didn't have an asterisks next to many of his bigest wins and ending his career the way did. If he ended as Pretty boy he would have been far more appreciated, his money persona put his $$ above legacy.


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                    Originally posted by cushtytaz View Post
                    He would get more credit if he wasn't a totally dislikable douchebag.
                    And his hyperfans were not as annoying and delusional as they clearly are.

                    take the OP, please
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                      Originally posted by Pretty Boy32 View Post
                      He is the greatest fighter of this era, usually true greatness doesn’t get the respect it deserves until it’s over.

                      Floyd is retired now, seems happier than ever (which is great to see) yet he still gets hate from all angles. True fight fans do appreciate him but like most all time greats it can be decades before they truly get the respect they deserve.

                      For me, Floyd is the greatest of my era (I am early 30’s,) he is a wizard in the ring and it really annoys me when people disrespect him. He has done so much for the sport

                      When do you think he will get the credit he deserves?
                      Dude Floyd has been retired for years now and he pretty much is gonna get what he is getting now.

                      Credit for the Pretty Boy years.

                      Credit for creating a Money May persona that increased his market value by leaps and bounds.

                      Credit for bringing pure boxing from a technical standpoint to the forefront.

                      At the same time as far as boxing is concerned, he's always going to get criticised for failure to fight the best fighters on his resume in their primes/overall being an unforgiving cherrypicker, and thats never going to stop. If that is considered hate by the people that love him the most then so be it.

                      He had full control of his career and seems to be ok with being labeled a cherrypicker. Its guys like you Larry, Dunn, Iron Dan, that delusional Roadblock and the Floyd Boy fan club that keep making up excuses for him and seem to have the biggest problem with it, but we keep telling you, if Floyd would have just beat the best guys in their prime, he wouldn't get sh**ted on the way that he does. Its no coincidence that they don't do this for any other fighter past or present.

                      I see now at 30 you still a youngin' and Floyd was more or less your introduction to big time prizefighting, but does it ever occur to you and dudes in your age bracket that its no coincidence that despite Floyd being undefeated, beat more paper champs, etc. that on most all time great lists he barely hits top 30, and at ww he isn't even top 10?

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