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Why Are People So Opposed to PPVs?

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    Originally posted by Santa_ View Post
    That extra 80 bucks on their cable bill. Especially if the fight turned out to be a dud.

    I think more people would buy if it was charged the night of..
    That's a good point. Back before I cut the cord, it would essentially double my cable+internet bill which hit different for some reason.


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      PPVs only make sense when it's part of a TV network subscription. For example, a basic Sky subscription gives you all the entertainment and news channels, so it makes sense to pay extra for a sporting PPV or box office film.

      But DAZN is not a TV network. It's a streaming service and you're paying monthly just for DAZN sport content, which is limited and just repeats. It's like signing up for Netflix but you have to pay extra for any movies they show that are made in 2021.


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        Originally posted by KTFOKING View Post

        They were champions period. Save me this "paper champion" crap.

        Well, their PPVs sure sold more than a few PPVs, eh? But I thought it was not about PPV buys? Why does spectacular event matter now?
        This is how fanboys think and talk.

        Guerrero, Maidana, Ortiz, were paper champs who went on to do absolutely nothing.
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          The DAZN model is simply far superior. It never took off because majority of boxing fans are actual idiots


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            Originally posted by djtmal View Post

            This is how fanboys think and talk.

            Guerrero, Maidana, Ortiz, were paper champs who went on to do absolutely nothing.
            And? Were they not champions? Make up your guys minds. At one minute you guys want fighters to fight for titles and unify, and the next minute you don't want that to happen. What is it?

            And Maidana retired right after Floyd, so what exactly was he supposed to do?

            In between those fights he fought Cotto, Canelo and Pacquiao. All fights for multiple titles. Were those guys "paper" champions as well?


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              The main reason why boxing fans are opposed to PPV because it costs too much and secondly, many of the fights aren't even PPV worthy.
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                I don’t really like PPV because it seems to be more unworthy fights moving to PPV these days. And also with how bent boxing is, often there’s some form of corruption like dodgy reffing/judging which ruins a card and leaves you at best with a bad taste in your mouth and at worst feeling robbed.