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Comments Thread For: Teddy Atlas Reacts To Wilder's Refusal To Shake Hands With Tyson Fury

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    Originally posted by Boxingfanatic75 View Post

    The man you speak of has forgotten more about boxing than you and I will ever know combined.
    Fuk Teddy, he has always been overrated and had it not been for working with Mike early on, we would never know who he is! Name one fighter he has built up by himself not one that was established already and later elevated him further because they won. Teddy has not reinvented the wheel fir sure, and is nothing but a motivational speaker in the corner. Fuk U 2!
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      Originally posted by mxtali View Post
      Anybody crying about wilder not shaking his hand is soft. Not only was the guy out of it clearly, there’s a reason it was a dogfight. Because both men are dogs. Wilder with every ounce of his being wanted to beat Fury. It’s gonna take time for him to accept that as hard as he tried he couldn’t do it.
      Yes, there is a strange Culture in boxing these days. Where people honestly, like to pretend they are all compassionate.

      'I call it the matey matey culture'.

      Go and check the comments under Usyk vs Joshua pre and post fight videos on you tube. And you will see a whole mass of people, gushing over sportsmanship.

      I could not careless, the only respect Deontay Wilder needed to show Tyson Fury 'Was to prepare and not cheat'.

      Even on this forum, every-time there is a big fight weekend 'People act up, like the really care that much about the fighters'.

      It is completely fake behavior, from the people on this forum and even the public.

      I understand why Deontay Wilder is acting the way he is 'His attitude inside he ring, also shows up outside the ring'.

      In his mind, Tyson Fury is his enemy 'He has lost a battle, but he is most likely clinging onto the optimism that the war is not over'.

      I would not advise, or promote all sportsmen to act like Wilder 'But he is expressing himself authentically'.

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        No big deal not shaking hand he was just koed and not thinking straight. But they will meet in future and will fist pump and chicken wing elbows touch. And wilder will say fury is best he faced. It's all good


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          Teddy be on that BS big time. Let’s just throw sportsmanship out the window. What a clown. AJ is a prime example of how boxers should act when you get beat.


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            Originally posted by denium View Post
            Fury and Deontay will end up at friends.

            Time is a great healer.
            Its gonna be interesting in like 20-25 years when theres documentaries or whatever about it featuring those two in their 50s.


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              It's a frigging handshake. How is that too much, Teddy?


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                Originally posted by Cool Scant View Post
                Only wilder haters are making this a topic. I watch the fight at Bally’s Fan Duel AC and didn’t hear one person say “it would’ve been a better fight if wilder shook fury’s hand at the end” smh Wilder isn’t the first and won’t be the last to not shake hands.
                It comes down to strength of character. Wilder couldn't use the excuses from the last fight anymore, so he left in silence. Fortunately, Fury addressed Wilder's bitterness and spoke up to sign off the trilogy with some class.


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                  When you repeat three or four times that you are not making excuses it then sounds as if you are actually making excuses. I was also rather surprised that Atlas didn't say that Fury took Wilder into the deep end of the pool to drowned him three, four or nine or ten times.


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                    Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
                    Atlas makes a good point about Joshua being too accepting of his loss.
                    Perhaps. The book's not closed yet on that story, though. If he goes meekly against Usyk in a rematch then I would very much agree.

                    If he can avenge the loss, then publicly showing grace in defeat will have a very different complexion to it.

                    Throwing your toys out of the pram never looks good and it didn't help Wilder after the second fight.
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                      Originally posted by chicken- View Post

                      Fury's weight advantage was a major factor in people picking Fury to win and everyone agrees it had a major factor in the fight. I'm not sure that's an excuse as much as a valid reason. He did say he did everything he could and it wasn't good enough, I'm not sure what else people want him to say. He clearly needed to tell himself all those things were true in order to psych himself up to fight again, and he earned most people's respect despite that bs and him not shaking hands.

                      I watched the podcast Atlas said these things in, and another good point he made is Wilder's terrible left hooks is what got him damaged the most. His trainers should have banned him from ever throwing a left hook because he's terrible at it and leaves himself completely exposed for shots he doesn't even see coming. All the biggest shots he took were a direct result of that, including the final KO punch.
                      Fury is a better all around fighter with much more skilled much higher boxing IQ than Wilder. Fury showed in the 1st fight he doesn’t need the weight advantage! And giving Wilder “respect “ for taking another beating in a literally a one-sided fight where he lost every round again except obviously the 4th ? The weight advantage- it existed in the 2nd and was about the ONLY excuse Wilder didnt use after the 2nd why bring it after the 3rd beatdown?