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When did Wallin and Breazeale become B-level heavyweights?

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    Originally posted by BangEM View Post
    I see Fury and Wilder fans running amok on the forum whilst brazenly claiming that Wallin and Breazeale are B-level fighters. Is this a joke?

    Who did they beat to elevate them to that level? They’re both a notch lower than Takam and Chisora’s level who’re C+ at C-. This looks like Luis Ortiz again with how the muppets slurping both boxers tend to overrate bums. Stop the madness!
    I don’t consider Wallin a “B” level fighter. He Put a beating on Fury. He’s the sleeper of the division.


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      I don`t care which level that guys are. Fury is on the top. I just enjoy watching heavyweight fights.


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        Wallin may be even on F level, but my inkling is that he will push Whyte down from the B level.

        Sometimes it's just a matter of wrong styles for a fighter. And - in the case of Whyte - of sudden decline. He already looked terrible against Wach (yes, I know, he didn't train well for that one, but...). Somehow I expect him to lose against Wallin. I can see the cracks in Whyte's ceiling right now (Povetkin loss aside).

        I'll be ready to admit my error if Whyte wins.
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          Fan boys of both fighters like to pretend that their resumes are better than they actually are. Breazeale started to get mentioned less after his losses to Wilder and Wallin, he was actually replaced by Martin as one of the 'top dogs' on AJ's record but I've noticed that some are starting to sneak Breazeale in there again when padding up the record.

          As for Fury, it's slim pickings. His fan boys were elated when Wallin outboxed Breazeale, that makes him like the third or fourth 'name' on his record. Greatest heavyweights in history I've heard people cry, there's been no era like it, not even the Ali era could even come close to the bums of today.


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            Losing efforts don't tell you anything about a fighter's level. There are guys who could look competitive but lose against Fury, Wilder and Joshua the same as they could against anyone in the top 30.

            Breazeale's best win is Molina. He's never given a good heavyweight a fight.

            Wallin's best and only decent win is Breazeale. That's as good as he has proven himself.

            I don't know what 'grade' that makes them. But it's not a good one.


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              At their pro debuts.