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Comments Thread For: Tyson Fury: I Will Knock Deontay Wilder Spark Out, It Will Be Quicker!

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    Originally posted by thetruthteller View Post

    And you seem to want to talk about another man twerking a lot. Perhaps Wilder's twerking excites you? Hey, to each his own. But I'd rather talk about boxing. And both Fury and Wilder are frauds. Hopefully these 2 frauds finish this fraudulent trilogy so the division can move on.
    Talk about it or detest it? You wanted to know the difference between twerking and kissing. Then you were upset with my response so truthteller state your real intentions . If you are unperturbed about FURY and WILDER why are you on the thread? Any topics im not interested in i don't visit. i definitely don't ask irrelevant questions about two individuals that i find fraudulent..... You are not being honest, what's your history with either individual? in fact i dont want to know keep that truth to yourself