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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Trainer Believes Rumors About Tyson Fury's Sparring Woes Are True

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    Who give a rats ass what you are able to do in the gym, to a world champion; we know there are professional sparring partners who can’t preform when the big lights are on! I can think of many who use to beat the hell out of famous fighters but never accomplished much themselves. Tommy Hearns had issues with some, Muhammad Ali had issues as well and almost everyone I can think of at some point will have these type of days sparring but when the lights, cameras and action begin for real; how do you respond? This BS gossip from a former heavyweight who was a good piece of work himself.


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      Originally posted by PBR Streetgang View Post

      Good post. I remember the old stories of Paul Spadafora dominating Floyd Mayweather in sparring one time. If it happened, I'm sure there was context to it like what you mentioned above.
      The Mayweather/Spadafora sparring wasn't a story, it was true. There's a video of it. Well, there was. Floyd might have had it taken down. Have a look on YT for it, it may still be there.


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        It seems like Fury wasn’t able to cheat against these new sparring partners like he did with the past set. Unpadded gloves to the rescue! NOT!
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          Originally posted by Sid-Knee View Post

          The Mayweather/Spadafora sparring wasn't a story, it was true. There's a video of it. Well, there was. Floyd might have had it taken down. Have a look on YT for it, it may still be there.
          On a side note, Spadafora was a pretty slick fighter. Not much pop but he was a technician. I wasn't a fan of his, I remember how much I wanted Manfredy to beat him. I thought Dorin did beat him. Had he not been such a disreputable character, I wonder what his career could have been.


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            Originally posted by FLY TY View Post

            The point is, you, and the rest of the trolls act like people have any interest in Tyson Fury. He's never done numbers anywhere, except when he's fighting someone else, in their country.

            By pointing out his and wilder's numbers (for the rematch with Ortiz, which had very little interest), all you're doing is proving the point that nobody cares for tyson fury. And yes, Wilder sells over 5K in the UK fighting a bum, that's all you guys pay for bum fights all the time.

            And again you're proving a point by bringing up the fact that Tyson Fury sold out somewhere, on another fighter's undercard, in another fighter's backyard.
            People are trolls for exposing you all the time and speaking in a rational manner? You're not a troll either. A troll is someone who knows what they're saying is madness, but wants to antagonise people because they're sad little people. You are really this deluded.

            Most people at the second Wilder fight where there for Fury. In his own country. Wilder is a joke who doesn't sell shlt. Regardless of where the fight is. To sell only 7,000 tickets for the "Bogie man" in your own country as a "Champ" that far into your career is embarrassing.

            Ortiz, the bum you lot keep calling the second best Heavy in the world and a bogie man? Had no interest from the public, even though you lot claimed it was a huge fight? GTFOH.

            The tickets for the 3rd fight weren't selling. It was shut down until Brits can travel over there to make sure they don't lose as much money as they did last time. The Covid story isn't really true.

            You're getting us mixed up, darling. YOU lot are the ones who pay to watch garbage all the time through your fighters being cowards and ducking all the time. I could give you hundreds of shlte fights you've put on that are complete mismatches and not worthy of being made. You couldn't come close to doing the same. Just more of your delusion on display.

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              Originally posted by Get em up View Post

              Truest statement that can be made. If I was preparing for Wilder I would want the strongest and hungriest guys I could find and if I was preparing for Fury I would want the likes of a Lawrence Okolie type guy to slip and slide and pump a constant jab.
              If I was preparing for Wilder I'd give crack to a chicken to simulate his ring movement and spar with people who can't fight at all close up or on the back foot.
              If you give him no space, a crack chicken can't hurt you.


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                Originally posted by lion33lit View Post
                Wouldn’t be surprised if Fury was discouraged without the aid of his daddy’s patented FlopBak flopable open wristed bare knuckle gloves.…..

                Did Furys sparring take place in the UK with the aid of the useless UKAD? If so, Fury should’ve been able to use his PEDs with zero stringent testing to keep his lean in style temporarily tight!!

                Poor Fury may not be able to get his cheating on. No more KRONK smokescreen to hide behind, he now needs to really implement a legitimate come forward style that maybe only Roach can help facilitate and is actually known for teaching.

                Fury sure is thinking, he knows he can’t rely on that rangy boxing style of his, his only reliable option is to constantly drop his heavier boar beef frame on the smaller skinnier guy - throughout the fight - under the guise of infighting. It’s Fury’s only hope to impress the Fury Bonnet Fan Girl crew…...Hopefully, a good ref is assigned to pull him off every time he tries the desperation smother clinching…
                Or maybe if Wilder had fought decent fighters ever he would have learned how to man up and not be bullied in the ring like a schoolgirl. Lennox Lewis did exactly the same thing of resting his weight on the opposition, it's part of boxing, has always been part of boxing and always will be.

                The fact that you seem completely unaware of this speaks volumes. Fury looked "desperate" at NO time during the fight, he bullied Wilder and beat the **** out of him with no reply. You should be upset by how pathetic Wilder was, not look for excuses for him (He's far better at making excuses than he is at boxing).

                I don't like Fury as a person, I can't like Wilder because he has nothing good about him. He's a crybaby, childish, race baiting liar who has an artificially enhanced record (27 fights against fighters ranked below 400, only 11 in the top 100). As a boxing fan I can't have any respect for such an obvious fraud. He has been privileged his entire career, cherry picked fights and virtually no mandatory fights and yet he complains non stop about racial conspiracies.

                I respect a man who takes a defeat like a man. If you can't deal with the fact that you were beaten and have to make 137 excuses as to why you didn't win, you are not a man that deserves any respect at all.

                As for his fans, nobody takes them seriously, they are at best casual fans, at worst racist hatemongers but primarily I assume they are mostly crack heads (which explains their aggression and the fact that none of them can afford to go to his fights).

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                  Originally posted by KTFOKING View Post

                  That was one was with Floyd not being in any sort of shape....Jessie Reid said that is the last time Floyd ever came into camp out of shape and stayed in shape year around after that...But there's been plenty of other sparring stories on how fighters did well against him...Like that is what is supposed to happen if you do this right.
                  Yep! That literally made him into the gym rat we came to know. In hindsight, it may have been a blessing in disguise looking at how his career played out.


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                    this dumbass dummygraphic.

                    "sparring is just sparring" according to these idiots but now its everything.


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                      Originally posted by Nash out View Post

                      There are always excuses for the old guys. Here's my take, Bowe's 2 very good wins, to his one loss vs Holyfield, came right at the beginning of Holyfield's HW days when he was very undersized, and still adapting to the division. Golota X2, and the binning of the belt to avoid Lewis showed Bowe for the fraud that he is. He's not in my top 100, and Fury could beat him with one arm behind his back. Wilder would smash him to pieces at some point in the fight. Nash out.
                      I can tell that you are a young guy because you so zealously defend the current crop of heavyweights. What ruined Bowe and made him less great then he had been was a change in lifestyle, the same thing that prevented Mike Tyson from becoming as great as he would have been. Fury's a good fighter but most experts would not rate him as high as the heavyweights I mentioned. Good though to see you enthusiastically supporting your favorite boxers.