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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Trainer Believes Rumors About Tyson Fury's Sparring Woes Are True

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    Of course Wilder BELIEVES the rumors, he also BELIEVED in his MULTIPLE excuses after getting beat tf up
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      The Americans have been playing this game for decades. They did the same with Lennox in saying he was getting knocked out in every camp. Did it to AJ. Now doing it to Fury. It just shows how desperate they are and how mentally weak they feel. Ignore it and have a good laugh at it. They try and throw as much negative energy your way and try to boost the confidence of their current coward. It doesn't work though. How could it, it's too obvious.

      But hope you didn't miss the typical projection they all give off??? The "Having demonic nightmares" bit? They're too stupid to not let us know about how things are in private. Projections is like them revealing their private diary. Their behaviours are very typical and consistent. Once you get a read on these guys, you can't miss it. Same things on here too.

      The mentally weak should never play mind games. They'll just embarrass themselves.


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        Wouldn’t be surprised if Fury was discouraged without the aid of his daddy’s patented FlopBak flopable open wristed bare knuckle gloves.…..

        Did Furys sparring take place in the UK with the aid of the useless UKAD? If so, Fury should’ve been able to use his PEDs with zero stringent testing to keep his lean in style temporarily tight!!

        Poor Fury may not be able to get his cheating on. No more KRONK smokescreen to hide behind, he now needs to really implement a legitimate come forward style that maybe only Roach can help facilitate and is actually known for teaching.

        Fury sure is thinking, he knows he can’t rely on that rangy boxing style of his, his only reliable option is to constantly drop his heavier boar beef frame on the smaller skinnier guy - throughout the fight - under the guise of infighting. It’s Fury’s only hope to impress the Fury Bonnet Fan Girl crew…...Hopefully, a good ref is assigned to pull him off every time he tries the desperation smother clinching…


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          Originally posted by JimmyD729 View Post
          So he said it’s just rumor, then he said that it’s fact. Then he called them rumors again
          Contradictions are part of their typical behaviours. They're too stupid and lacking in self-awareness to realise. In their minds, they're intelligent and great. In reality, we get comedy gold and serious disturbance from their personality disorders.


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            Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
            Jared Anderson had Fury out on his feet? Going to have to keep an eye on this kid.
            He never. It's just the same bullshlt stories we get from your desperation. Lennox was getting knocked out in every camp back then. Then you started the same game with AJ. Now it's Fury. Like clockwork.

            Although it will be fun for you to go all in with Anderson because of these stories. I like that game.


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              Originally posted by PBR Streetgang View Post

              Good post. I remember the old stories of Paul Spadafora dominating Floyd Mayweather in sparring one time. If it happened, I'm sure there was context to it like what you mentioned above.
              That was one was with Floyd not being in any sort of shape....Jessie Reid said that is the last time Floyd ever came into camp out of shape and stayed in shape year around after that...But there's been plenty of other sparring stories on how fighters did well against him...Like that is what is supposed to happen if you do this right.
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                Originally posted by OldTerry View Post

                Riddick Bowe at his best was a great fighter and would have taken Fury out. Bowe though fell later prey to his own devices and deservedly does not belong on a top ten ATG list. Sonny Liston would have ended Fury's career and Wilder's as well. Liston was super talented and so vicious that other top fighters avoided him. Check out Ring Magazine's list of the top 20 HW's of all time:Bill Caplan's 20 greatest heavyweights - The Ring ( I don't completely agree with this list but I do agree with the fact that neither Wilder or Fury are on it. Please note that they have Bowe as #13.
                You don't agree with with the list, but still check it out?

                I did check it out. And... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

                As grotesque as usual. A lot of them on there are nobodies. Not far off being bums. But hey, make sure they're American. Problem with that though is, you make an absolute fool of yourself and destroy and credibility you are perceived to have.

                Norton, Ellis, Patterson, Marciano, Quarry, Liston above Wlad, Fury and AJ? F3ck no!! Frazier, Holmes, Foreman, Louis above Lewis? Even more of a no.



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                  Excuse driven delayer Fury can stall the hell out of a planned date. He’s second to none. Now his sparring partners have most likely inspired his chronic delay abuse?….. The Fury Fan Girls will definitely give him another pass because they can relate to his contrived mental health issues & his temporary unique power surge against the skinny guy.
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                    It’s amazing how Fury can cheat his way to stardom, and all he gets is praise.


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                      No Glove, no PEDs? Delay after delay with NO WIN.