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Comments Thread For: Anthony Joshua Confident: Usyk is a Good Fighter - But I'm Better!

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    Originally posted by 4truth View Post

    I’d argue it was Parker. Judges didn’t agree.
    Exactly, Andy proved that he could compete at the top level with that performance. He was the underdog against AJ but he wasn’t a total no-hoper like Joshua haters claim.
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      Originally posted by whollisboxing View Post

      You can use the “best win” criticism on anyone though.

      Andy’s most notable performance to that point was a close loss in a WBO title fight to Joseph Parker that could have gone either way.

      Parker was/is also consensus top-10 and the fact that Ruiz was right there with him proves that Andy was already at that level vs top-30.
      Hey, furry muff ! it was a close fight with parker.


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        Usyk staggered Chisora in their fight but didn't follow up, if Usyk can hurt the solid chinned Chisora then he can certainly hurt the glass chinned bodybuilder.
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          Yeah but I bet you that AJ can lift more weight on the pec dec. Usyk is going to land punches in this fight. Do you talliwankers seriously believe that black, British, pre-vegan Arnie's chin is going to hold up long enough to catch Usyk with a bunch of bombs? Gassiev couldn't hit Usyk and and Gassiev has faster hands and foot speed than AJ. On top of that, I've yet to see Usyk rocked, even if he did run for his life once or twice against Chisora. He's been in there with some there with some heavy sluggers too. I could see her majesty's serfs losing a bunch of money on this one. Trafalgar was awesome today though !


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            Originally posted by thereeldeel View Post
            Usyk staggered Chisora in their fight but didn't follow up, if Usyk can hurt the solid chinned Chisora then he can certainly hurt the glass chinned bodybuilder.
            He didn't really hurt him, he like very mildly staggered him. Parker hurt him, Haye hurt him a lot more and so did Whyte, Usyk mildly staggered a GASSED Chisora after many, many clan shots.

            But I agree, he can chin da bodybuildaaaaaah


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              Man, some sad salty man children on this forum, look forward to the meltdowns and tantrums if AJ wins.

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                Rexy's post made me laugh since I read it in the voice of a bucktoothed cockney whore. Takes away from the h0m0erotic goodness though.

                I'll take a more conservative criticism though and just say maybe he's a better heavyweight but not a better fighter by any means. Essentially it kind of means the same thing but not exactly.
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                  your better as you've got better wins at heavyweight on paper. But we will see.


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                    Joshua will be looking for a big straight right hand down the pipe, and some hooks to head and body.

                    Usyk, yes, could maybe make him top 4 or 5 heavyweight. He can hurt AJ, but would need more than one punch. Joshua can hurt him with one punch.


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                      Originally posted by Motofan View Post

                      Came to post the same thing. This myth of AJ being a skilled boxer is hilarious. He’s got size and next to nothing else going for him here. He’s slow, stiff, chinny, and easy to rattle.
                      Chinny? I don't think so lol at least no more than any other top 5 heavyweight. For a guy who's so slow and stiff its amazing he's avoided so much lol. Is he skilful? If your looking at boxing as a whole maybe not so much as the heavyweight division is not the most skilful out there, but he's as skilled as any other top 5 heavyweight and more so than most. Maybe with the exception of Usyk. A lot of fighters out there are skilled in avoidance.