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Will You Be Ordering the Gervonta Davis vs Mario Barrios PPV?

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    Originally posted by KTFOKING View Post

    Be nice lol.

    I mean as a fan you should buy what you want to see. You can be a fan of boxing and not support a certain PPV.

    But yeah, I'll be ordering this card as well.
    I agree 100%. I worded that part wrong. I think a lot of people, definitely not all, aren't going to by the fight because they can't afford it. For others, some just may not like Tank or Barrios. But I'm saying that a real boxing fan knows that this is a fight to watch whether you like or dislike tank. A lot of people haven't seen any or much tape on Barrios and are assuming that Tank is going to destroy this guy. As a real boxing fan you go and watch tape of a guy you don't know much about, and from there make your prediction. I find it funny, because alot of educated guys in the boxing realm are calling this fight a tough night out for Tank. Even Tanks own trainer came out and said that Barrios is going to come with everything on fight night.​​​​
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      dumb fight for dumb suckers
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        Originally posted by daggum View Post
        dumb fight for dumb suckers