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Comments Thread For: Wilder Promises Bloodshed: If Your Stomach Can't Digest What Your Eyes See, Don't Watch My Fight!

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    Originally posted by socialteach View Post

    The big difference is that Crawford is remarkably skilled, Wilder is not. Wilder has poor boxing skills, and no game plan, other than his power.
    Wilder has skills. Just that Fury has more skills.

    Right now, Wilder knocks everyone in the division out. The question is always what version of Wilder shows up.

    Crawford's skills don't help him when he eats a jab and drops 4 rounds straight against an opponent not half motivated to be there.

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      Originally posted by Corelone View Post

      Just like AJ. He went from ball buster to nut *******.
      That is the name of a Christmas play. Saltine and Graham are famous for it. I'm not complaining, just explaining.


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        Fury has already taken Wilder's best shot, so he's probably not going to fight backing up. Question is has Wilder learned how to fight backing up...
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          I wouldn’t mind Wilders muderous jibber jabber if he didn’t try to talk like some sooth sayer or a poet cuz he comes across like like he belongs in the special olympics.

          and it’s hard to take seriously when he’s talking about a man who he fought last fight and that guy easily beat him up so bad it sent him back to child hood where he cried, had a 12 month tantrum and made up lies and excuses, every one more stupid than the last rather than accept defeat like a gracious warrior.
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            Wilder's such a fucking weirdo. Him and this twisted idea of boxing being specifically about murdering someone in the ring, and getting to enjoy it. Even if it's just talk (at this point, after three fights, I doubt it is anymore), that's some legit psycho shit and those around him should be keeping a close eye on his mental health.

            Yes, boxing is a brutal and barbaric sport (as Russell Jr. just said), but when has the object ever been to kill someone? Not in the 1800s, not in the 1900s, never in its sanctioned history.

            Don't geddit wrong, though – Fury's a weirdo too. They both are.
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              Originally posted by FinitoxDinamita View Post
              I really like Wilder’s mentality and his willingness as a fighter. Gotta respect that.

              look at all these boxing noobs picking Fury by landslide lol

              Past one year Ive been taking so much money from the bookies some of these fuks trying to kick me out
              What was your reaction when “boxing noobs” picked Wilder to destroy Fury in the 2nd fight? Let me guess, you also were certain Wilder would KO Fury?
              On a more intellectual and respectful question, Wilder was literally destroyed in the 2nd fight and he got lucky to get a draw in the 1st fight, those two compelling reasons are why nobody is giving Wilder a shot.
              Yes, he has a puncher’s chance BUT that’s all he has. What makes you think Wilder wins the 3rd fight other than the one punch it seems all you are praying for?


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                If not for that right hand, he is almost as clumsy as Fury.

                It's rare to see a guy fall over themselves as often when they attack.

                Controlled 2 FISTED violence, bruh.


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                  Originally posted by QballLobo View Post
                  History says once a power puncher like Wilder gets his chin cracked once they are never the same.
                  When they haven’t been beaten they have a mindset that they are invincible. Once that goes away they don’t have the same killer instinct as they have doubts.
                  Im betting big on Fury taking this third fight easily.
                  I shouldn' t be short, excuse me. I firmly agree with you, but it happens all the time. Boxing is about changing the other guys mind. All it takes is one punch, or the sight of their own blood, odd things can do it too. One day, all of a sudden, you see Frankenstein picking daisies and tip toeing around.


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                    Its going to be interesting to see, both fighters have been out of the ring the same amount of time so there's plenty of ring rust to go around.


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                      Originally posted by JuniorTorres720 View Post
                      I don't mind him talking like this and if people have a problem with it, then DON'T watch. Easy as that. I hate when people want to start virtue signaling and get in their feelings about Wilder talking this way. It's the hurt business and these fighters have to get themselves psyched up one way or another. This PC culture is garbage and people just need to grow a pair or simply not tune in.
                      Yeah i agree, its the hurt business. Problem with wilder his last fight was he didnt bring that much hurting, he did bring a-whole-lotta whining. You talk about people's feelings , wilder got a couple of em regarding the last fight, go google them you'll have a laugh!