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Comments Thread For: Wilder Promises Bloodshed: If Your Stomach Can't Digest What Your Eyes See, Don't Watch My Fight!

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    Originally posted by STREET CLEANER View Post
    I heard fighters similar claims like that before. Fury is too skilled for him to just pressure and all he really has is that right hand. Also when Wilder goes on the attack he windmills and is all disorganized, I doubt he learned enough to change his style, he is simply lacking too many fundamentals.
    Go watch his most recent training videos. You may be surprised.
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      This clown says the same old stuff every time. Fury in 5.
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        Wilder has been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds of late.


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          Originally posted by Fighter78 View Post

          Yep...I'm getting the same not a fan of either of these fighters but somehow I think Deontay is gonna knock fury out this time....I think both fighters are extremely overrated so its like the battle of the bums to me.
          Wilders silence, until now, actually had me intrigued... Now tho, I think Wilder is gonna lose much worse this time round. He hasn't learnt or matured at all from his loss, sounds like he's blaming Breland and got himself even more worked up.

          He already telegraphed his shots ridiculously, and watching his training videos his footwork is unchanged, so fighting even angrier will only make things much worse.

          I was hoping Wilder would've got stoic and self aware from his loss, and we might see someone ready to embrace his weaknesses but fight to his strengths. But no, definitely 100% not!

          Fury inside 4 rounds is my prediction.
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            Originally posted by Liondw View Post
            Fighting angry and emotionally in the ring is not a good thing. Wilder might get beaten up worse next time, or maybe he puts in a better performance.
            He got wrecked the second time because he fought cautious.

            Wilder and Crawford are the only two fighters that have to be pissed off to be effective.
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              I love the fire King Wilder is bringing.
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                Originally posted by FannonOG View Post
                I love the fire King Wilder is bringing.
                King? He's the biggest bum in the history of boxing and his career will soon be over. Fury by 10th round beat down.

                Malik will throw the towel carrying it now
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                  Originally posted by revelated View Post

                  He got wrecked the second time because he fought cautious.

                  Wilder and Crawford are the only two fighters that have to be pissed off to be effective.
                  The big difference is that Crawford is remarkably skilled, Wilder is not. Wilder has poor boxing skills, and no game plan, other than his power.


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                    This clown Wilder and his hate-filled, murderous rhetoric, especially after a year of whining and excuses for his last loss, is an embarrassment to boxing, a sport that seems to be sinking to new lows every day lately.....


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                      Wilder is a bully, he NEEDS to intimidate his opponent and stay on the outside throwing bombs and if he can't...he's screwed... point blank, period.

                      Without the intimidation factor it will come down to skills. Both will make minor changes but in the end, they are who they are. If you look at that Fury closely you'll notice that he moves and he faints well but he is NOT some untouchable boxer and in close, Fury is marginal at best. Wilder has a powerful right hand but he needs distance, he has no foot work, no movement and and on his back foot his power is negate-able....Point blank, period.