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Comments Thread For: Brandon Figueroa Knocks Luis Nery Out in Seventh, Captures WBC Title

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  • Originally posted by PunchyPotorff
    Maybe I'm blind, but I saw Figueroa doing rock em sock em robots just like his brother does. Good that he got the belt, but now what? I mean... correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he need some actual boxing skills now that he's in this league? How long can he keep fighting like this and not get stopped?

    Originally posted by _Rexy_
    Depends on the chin I guess. Omar was a 135 pound fighter who didn't get stopped until a 147 fighter caved his ribs in

    Originally posted by PunchyPotorff
    Yes, another fan made the point about Omar moving up when he shouldn't have. I'd forgotten about that. Thanx.

    Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post
    Omar is a recovering alcoholic, which likely is the reason he's campaigning at 147 now. Liquor does so much to your body, he probably couldn't get to his natural division now unless he removed a limb
    Yes indeed. Hopefully he doesn't turn into another Pavlik, and can turn things around. Maybe fight some lesser opponents for a while.