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Comments Thread For: Tyson Fury: Scott is a *****, Wilder is Too - I'd Fight Both on Same Night!

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    Originally posted by jmrf4435 View Post

    keep dreaming-while Fury keep poopin on beyonces wilder soul--

    Meanwhile--WE HEADIN TO SAUDI ARIABIA FOR JOSH_--FUry!!!!!!!
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    I only subscribed for the fitness lessons bruh. Listen, I found something you might like at onlyfans tho, I screenshot Tommy Fury's profile, this might interest you.
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      Originally posted by petero View Post

      It's over Elie they are a couple now "My sources" told me they are willing to hire you as the camp B!tch.
      Its too early to be drinking Peter. I know that Billy-Hoe's crushing defeat has caused you to fall of the wagon. But you must prepare yourself, its only going to get worse when Jose Ramirez relieves Josh Taylor of his status as champion. Do you know if the rumors are true, has arbitration forced Tyson to fight Deontay in the trilogy? Give us the scoop.
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        You're very funny Bro! The fake mutha had us all fooled!


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          Originally posted by Toffee View Post
          I'll fight two men on one night.

          Says man who has so far failed to fight anyone as a belt holder.
          Yes, he's a funny guy, isn't he!


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            Scott took a dive against wilder... Pretty pathetic for wilder to dump mark for this yoyo.

            Fury had an easy time against wilder 2. Wilder can't fight on his back foot and has no skill at throwing combos and an inside game. AJ will knock fury out if he tries what he did to wilder.

            I'm getting sick of fury's crap talk it's all the same.


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              It's a bit weird he hires a guy who looked like crap against him as his trainer if. What is he supposed to teach to take a dive?

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