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    Originally posted by Citizen Koba View Post

    Skills and will - the women's sport is still a way behind the men's in terms of skill level but it's still very young and as it gathers pace and the talent pool grows the improvements will come.

    In terms of will or courage or grit - whatever you want call it -the women have shown time and again that they don't give an inch to the men.

    I can live with that. They are fighting other women. Not comparing strength. From what I'm seeing women are shining at the world level. McCaskill is something else.


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      Everyone download this video because if torrez medals because its a weak field or something and signs for PBC they will scrub this from the Internet

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        Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
        The male boxers are going to embarrass us.
        You don't need any help with that.


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          Yikes. We’re not doing very good with our male’s boxing program it seems. Uzbekistan has emerged as a powerhouse for amateur boxing so I’m expecting to see a few gold medals for their country.
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            yikes dude. 2 men and 4 women. the mighty have fallen. talented kids have figured out that you can make millions without getting hit in the head, or go to play division 1 sports and **** smoking hot 20 year olds every night for 4 years. sign me up. **** getting punched for short money if you don't have to.


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              That is why I posted the Forbes list a couple of days ago. You know where the money is and you know where the top talent is going.