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Where is Wilder hiding?

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    [QUOTE=Lance98;n30854849 I also have to give AJ credit by not saying much. [/QUOTE]

    I agree.

    Its too early to say if AJ is the best boxer of his era but, as a person, he's got a bit of class. He's a good role model and good for the sport.


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      Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post

      Yes Wilders going to make Fury fight him with all his considerations he has in his pocket .
      You're highlighting your own stupidity and laughing about it. Amen LOL


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        Originally posted by hugh grant View Post

        You.must realise fury will get credit for beating a man on a 40 odd fight ko winning streak! Everyone who gets hit falls, Tyson stopped the trend. Fury not beating man coming off loss.
        Its a great win
        Absolutely agree. It's the reason he's ranked 1... because beyond that fight there is absolutely no reason to rank him there. I rate the Wilder fight as a great performance... with a huge caveat that Wilder was almost completely unproven despite being a 5 year champion.

        But you can't expect Fury to call Wilder what he really was. It puts Fury's standing in the sport into question. And it should, right?