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Comments Thread For: Fury's Father Tears Apart Wilder, Offers Job To Breland

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  • Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
    Maybe you mistook the men in black as Run DMC ? I swear your credibility has really taking a hit in all directions from just last year ,how one can dwindle . Well I’ll be posting later ,in the meantime don’t let the men in black get you ,and be on the look out for Transexuals from Transylvania, I hear they are looking for overweight Chris Farley look alikes to walk them home .
    If my credbilility ever took a hit for something I believed I would gladly take such a hit. I have often supported unpopular positions here as a matter of principle Redumber. But I don't think that has happened. I have threads on many topics that show I know what I am talking about, I actually try to lend any understanding or help I can provide my posting bethron here. I enjoy it and... I learn from similar individuals who have knowledge about things I do not know about.

    You know you are getting desperate when you try to disparage based on yet more things you don't know (the list is gigantic). Like how I look, being tolerant of people who are not causing harm in their sexual proclivities, etc.

    When you do such things you show what a loser you are and I have to do nothing but expose it. Keep em comin baaaaaaby!!!! Keep trying lol. Wanna talk about my clothes you don't know about? want to do what Siablo, your new latch on did? It speaks volumes you know! When you cannot address the argument attack the man Ad Hominum.