At 26 years old Christian Thun is a professional heavyweight boxer with great ambitions. He started his professional career with a fight in Monaco on March 2nd 2018, he won by KO before the end of the second round and showed to everybody his strength. Now he is preparing for a busy year with 3 fights during the next months, the first will happen on May 20th at Lloret de Mar in Spain. With this schedule, it is hard to figure that this 6ft 9ins athlete is still working in an office beside his professional boxer career.

Indeed Christian Thun has a pretty unusual background for a professional boxer. He is German from his father and Italian from his mother, he was born in Germany but he spent most of his childhood in Italy. It is there at 13 years old that he discovered boxing and he began his first steps into this sport. However he soon later had to stop because he moved to a boarding school in the United Kingdom. He returned to boxing at the age of 17 years old and soon he had his first fight.

« It was great! I won my first two fights and my third fight I lost, I felt gutted that I lost, and I swore myself to work extremely hard to never loose again. I then went on to stay undefeated for 18 fights until eventually losing again. »

Christian pursued his path with an incredible determination and self-discipline and he retired as an amateur with 49 fights and only 6 loses. But the most impressive is that beside his sports performances, he was continuing to study. He obtained a Bachelor degree for International Business Management in London and started to work as sales manager in a family company in Germany, where he is still active for 4 years.

Christian is driven by a powerful idea, as he likes to say « when you don’t give your absolute best and become lazy you are letting the people down that believe in you ». He has a rare level of dedication inherited from his family education, when he wants something he is at 100% to achieve it. Therefore we can assume

that he will do everything possible to achieve his boxing mission, become the next heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

He is already on the road to becoming a champion, he has been a sparring partner for the greatest boxers of our time like Vladimir Klitschko, Anthony Joshua, Gerarld Washington, Manuel Charr and many more. He is promoted by Mehdi Ameur in the JSUGE team next to the French boxer and world title challenger Johann Duhaupas. He is also a member of the Monaco boxing federation. Mehdi Ameur is very enthusiastic about his new recruit: « when I saw Christian during a sparring session I said to myself, 'he is the new Klitschko!' - this fighter has everything going for him. ».

To conclude, Christian Thun is undeniably a rookie boxer to watch closely. The next step for him is on May 20th in the Gran Casino Costa Brava de Lloret de Mar where he will fight the Russian Evgeny Orlov.